Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Completed Sewing Project

Here are the photos to prove that I did use my sewing machine!

Step One: Scoot all of Michael's mess of tools, etc. to his side of the dining room table. Lay out the fabric. Take a deep breath.
Step Two: Set up the ironing board. Fill the iron with distilled water b/c it's gonna need to be steamy! Remind myself that curtains are just a series of hems.

Step Three: Make sure to have some good tunes on. I had my ipod set to play the best of Don Williams. He sang some of the best lovey songs ever. My dad is a huge fan & that is something I definitely inherited from him.

Step Four: Remove shoes/flip flops. I must have skin on foot feed contact b/c my major difficulty with sewing comes from regulating the speed of the machine. I'm convinced that if my skin touches the machine it will "know" the speed I need to go. And it won't run away with me. And cause me to sew through my finger *wince*
Do you like the red polish? It's called "I'm Not Really A Waitress" Love.It.
Step Five: Turn the machine on to find out that the light bulb is burnt out. Stomp your bare foot & moan loudly. Then decide that you're going to sew anyway! It actually wasn't that hard to see. I was just flat out determined to get this project done once I started.

Step Six: Get out a broom & knock down all the scary cob webs & spider webs in the back door entry way. Hang the new curtains. Take lots of pics. Post pics & blog about it!

We liked the new curtains so much that we bought a new floor mat that evening. Our little back door is kinda cute now.

Don't you just love these stripes? They make me smile. Especially since they are now curtains & not a pile of material laying around making me feel guilty *grin*


Roxanna said...

Mare, they look great!

Rebecca said...

Cute! Great commentary. Made me smile!

Theo-Ann said...

You did an awesome job! I love the fabric, too. By the way, I sometimes use the pedal barefoot, too...I know exactly what you mean about feeling the speed!

malia said...

impressive! they turned out perfect. that skin on pedal line cracked me up!

the johnson crew said...

you are so funny. thanks for all the pictures and the step by step drama. they turned out great!

TwoMuths said...

1. your curtain is fabulous
2. that is my FAVORITE shade of red toenail polish and I recognized it before I read the shade. Lovely.