Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Married to MacGyver!

Tuesday evening Mike & I headed out to Menards after dinner. They had some yard tools for sale with a rebate & my bargain loving self wanted to check them out. We also needed to go somewhere to find Mike & new lunchbox/cooler deal for him to take to work. I slipped on my trusty brown Old Navy $2 flip flops & we headed out the door.
When we got to Menards we had no idea where the shovels were so we just kind of wandered. That's how we shop. When I'm on my own, I'm kind of a straight to it, walk fast, & no nonsense kind of shopper. When we shop together, it's nothing but wandering aisles, looking at stuff we'll never buy, & taking our time. Mike is good for me in that way. My shoulders come down from around my ears & I relax. Ahhh...
So as we are wandering, looking at hoses & cleaning products & sheets of plywood, I was taking special care not to let my feet get too close to Mike's. Since it has been sandal wearing weather I have just about destroyed every toe on my feet stubbing them on Mike's shoes. Yes, I regularly invade his personal space. He signed up for it. So, I took a little step away from him & alas, my flip flop broke! I was aghast. I looked at Mike; he looked at me. I said, "What am I gonna do?"
The little post that goes between my toes had broken just above the disc that holds the post into the flip flop.
Here are the "trusty" flips. I guess $2 flips should only be worn for one season.

Here is the part that broke off. I tried walking for a little while just dragging my foot on top of the flip. Wasn't too graceful & made me feel stupid. Mike immediately found a salesperson & asked where the shovels were. No more wandering the store. We were in Crisis Mode. So then I took it off & walked one aisle before I kind of freaked out. I hate being barefoot in foreign places. I seriously feel like I'm walking around without my pants or something. Mike asked for the flip. He took his keys out of his pocket. Then he said, "You're going to owe me a keyring." I thought, "Huh?"
And then he did this:

He pulled the post through the flip where it should be. Then he unwound the key ring & jammed it through the post. Then he bent the ring out straight & broke off the long pieces. Voila! I could once again walk in my flip. It wasn't a permanent fix, but it made it possible for me to finish our shopping expedition in relative ease.
Then Mike took off his wig & mask & revealed his true identity - MacGyver! He has an awesome mullet :-)


TwoMuths said...

genius! what a guy - protecting your feet from the unknown horrors of a store floor. :-)

Erin said...

I'm really glad that he forgoes the mullet now. :)

Rebecca said...

Way to go Mike! I think that men that can fix things are awesome!