Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For Better or For Worse

It's been almost a year since our lovely wedding day. Last night we were reminiscing a little bit about all the hectic activities that led up to the ceremony & how I was counting the days down & we were both dying for some good old rest & relaxation.

As our first anniversary draws closer I have been having these moments of reflection about what I have learned, what Mike has learned, & all the fun times we've had. It's been a good 340 days so far. We have both changed a lot & I'm sure that we've just begun to scratch the surface.

Part of my musing has been to think about what habits of mine Mike has picked up & what habits of his I have picked up. I think this is kind of fascinating - kind of like how you might pick up a friend's accent if you hang out a lot, but on a much deeper level :-)

I think one of the habits that Mike has picked up from me is list-making. I take it to an almost compulsive level. Planning the wedding did nothing to help me curb this addiction. I make a list every day - things to do, things to read, places to go, & so on. It just helps me unclutter my mind. Mike has started making lists. I use paper - notebook, journal pages, post-its. Mike uses the iphone. He's so techno. But it is organizing his life. I like that.

As I pondered what I have picked up from Mike, the thing that kept popping into my mind is that I have rediscovered my love of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch & Frosted Flakes. I have always love them; as an adult I have spurned them in my search for fiber & whole grains. I have been very happy to welcome them into our pantry. And Mike is sweet to share. I just have a couple of bites of what he is having at the time & everybody is happy!

So that kind of sums up our first year of marriage - kid's cereal & lists.

I know we are weird. That's just how we roll. *grin*

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Rebecca said...

How sweet! Just wait until you celebrate your 10th!