Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Maggie Magnolia

Last year as a gift at one of my bridal showers, my dad gave us a magnolia tree. I love magnolias. They are so beautiful & they smell so good!

Little Maggie Magnolia had a rough start last year. I may be a landscaper's daughter, but I am no landscaper. I've been thinking that I need to post about all of my plants & some actual victories that my black thumb has had lately. But I'm afraid I will jinx myself. So we'll just talk about Maggie, at least for today.

The spring came & went & Maggie was all blown over. We knew we needed to stake her up but other things were more pressing (like, anything). So in these pics she is still listing very sadly. I was a little consternated that Maggie didn't bloom. I asked my dad, did we need to be worried? Was Maggie gonna be bloomless forever? He said that she probably just needed to have a good summer & then she would be able to set blooms this fall for next spring. *sigh* Spring 2011 sounded very far away.

Then one day, lo & behold! I got home from work & this is what I saw - a single beautiful bloom! Good job, Maggie Magnolia!

Soon after, she got staked up. And she's looking better than ever!

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