Thursday, June 17, 2010

It Just Figures

We received one of these little dudes last year as a wedding shower gift. Except ours is white. And it's not the programmable kind. It just has an on/off switch. Small, simple & does the job. Makes me happy to get up on Saturday & Sunday mornings - wonderful, aromatic coffee!

The sad thing is, I broke the little carafe. It was the Saturday about a month ago when I loaded up with Beth & Madison for a whirlwind trip to Kentucky for Aidan's birthday. I promised Beth I would have fresh hot coffee ready when she picked me up. I knew we would need fuel for the road. Since I was going to be making enough for two coffee fiends, I decided to use my 12 cup maker. Said 12 cup maker was hiding behind the baby coffee maker on the shelf. In my rush-rush state of being (I was only running about 25 minutes behind my self-imposed schedule) I knocked the little carafe off the shelf & onto the unforgiving kitchen floor. It shattered & I yelped. Not happy sound effects. Not happy at all.

So I swept up the floor, woke Mike up to tell him he wasn't allowed to walk barefoot in the house for a week (those little glass shards are nasty devils) & made coffee in the other maker.

I am now going to get to the point of this whole post (you're exhausted already, aren't you?). That following week while I was out & about grocery shopping I remembered that I needed to replace my little carafe. Saturday was fast approaching & I needed (read: wanted) to make my usual little pot of coffee. I was afraid they wouldn't have a replacement carafe in the store & that I would have to order it online - what a hassle! the surfing online, the paying for shipping, the waiting for delivery - Ugh!

Lo & behold, they had replacement carafes right on the shelf by the little coffee makers! Yeehaw! I was tempted to dance with glee. Until I noticed the price stickers. The coffee maker was $15.99.

Guess what the replacement carafe cost.

I dare you.

The replacement carafe was $12.88.

For only $3 more I could have a new whole deal. But I didn't need a new whole deal. I just needed the carafe.

My dance of glee turned into a growl of disgust as I picked up the carafe & put it in my cart.

But I smiled on Saturday morning as I drank my cup 'o joe.

I'm addicted. I need help.

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