Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amazed! Astonished! Astounded!

That's kind of how I feel today as I reflect on just a couple of things...

1. It's August 25th. That means two things: today is my momma's birthday & Christmas is exactly four months from today.

2. The half-marathon I'm training for is in exactly 17 days. There is no possible way I can completely recover my training program so I think I'm going to coast. And I refuse to feel guilty about it.

3. Garden tomatoes. Just think about them for one second...close your eyes & imagine the wonderful fresh, summery taste. Our neighbor gave us a bagful & I've been eating them daily. I feel blessed beyond measure. And I am amazed at how wonderful they are.

4. The Lord has been teaching me some stuff. There is a cd playing in my car that has been there for a couple of weeks. I know every song pretty much by heart. This morning on my way to work one line stood out to my ears like it never has before. It's a song about heaven-going. The line says, "I'll drop my cross of self-denial, and enter in my great reward." I don't often remember that I'm supposed to be carrying a cross of self-denial. I've made a more conscious effort to do that today & I have realized just a little more clearly that I am one selfish girl! And I am amazed, astonished, & astounded that the Lord of heaven would make the effort to teach one selfish girl about her selfishness & remind her about her duty to deny self. What a gracious, loving God - that He would be concerned with me & that He would help me to be more like Him...kind of mind blowing.

5. Mike continues to have good reports from the doctor. We went again this morning & it looks like Mike will be off work for probably two more weeks. I am still amazed at how squeamish I am about his wound. The doctor gave one of Mike's stitches a good yank to see if it was ready to come out. Mike hollered & I cowered & moaned. I think I even told the doctor, "Don't do that!" In retrospect I'm a little embarrassed. I am thankful & astounded to see the progression of Mike's healing. The wound looks a lot the same because hopefully it is healing from the bottom up. The biggest difference is in how Mike has become more comfortable with the injury. He no longer holds his hand up for 90% of the day; he no longer wears a bandage all the time; he can tap his finger & massage it; he can make a fist & spread his fingers wide. These are all huge steps in the right direction.

I have definitely had a lot on my mind lately. It feels good to sit down & tap some of it out. I am definitely amazed, astonished, & astounded when I realize how the time has gone so quickly by & how much good the Lord has packed into those moments & days!


Theo-Ann said...

Thanks for sharing this, Mary Ann. It was a great encouragement to me to see the blessings in even some hard things. God is indeed good in it all!:)

malia said...

hey mary ann-- good report and i'm happy to hear your hubby is healing well

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Sounds like there's so much to be happy about in your life!