Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Stages of Developement

My goodness! You all have no idea what suffering I went through trying to get these pictures uploaded. It was so terrible that I started this post several weeks ago & I just couldn't work up the nerve to come back. And I've been busy. So, I'm not going to apologize for not posting because I'm not sure who really reads this regularly anyway. Let's just say it's been busy, fun most days, & there has been some stress off & on.

I'm sure you know just what I mean!

Now on to the main topic: this is a project that Mike undertook with the chalkboard paint he picked up on a whim.

I think chalkboard paint is very exciting stuff.

The first step: get yourself a piece of metal. Cut it to size. This was a job for Mike. Then paint the metal with the chalkboard paint. We painted two coats.

Mike cut our piece of metal to fit on the basement door. This is one of the doors in our kitchen.
Doesn't it look like it needs prettying up? *grin*

Step three: make a wooden frame for your metal. Then smack it up on the door!


Now we have a chalkboard on our door.

I love it.

I write notes.

I leave threats.

For example:

Leave more dirty dishes in the sink & I will NEVER cook AGAIN!

Mike's response: "Is that all I have to do to get you to quit cooking???"

We have a loving relationship *grin*

Mostly we really just use it to help us remember appointments.
We've had lots of those lately with Mike's finger injury.

One added bonus - see the magnets lined up there in the bottom corner? Mike found these handy little magnets that attach to knobs. So those little magnets match the knobs on our kitchen cabinets. I gotta say, I think that's cool!

That's one of the many things we've been up to lately. I have lots more to post, hopefully someday soon. Maybe blogger & I can call a truce with the horrible picture uploading issue.

I can always hope, right? *grin*


Alicia said...

I have the same love-hate relationship with blogger photo uploading. One of these days I'll break down and use picasa -- supposed to be much easier to use!

Great little blackboard project! You could even write a memory verse when you run out of dr. appointments. :)

Erin said...

Great idea! Looks great too! And I read your blog. :)