Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finished Projects

Since you have now heard the grand saga of how Mike lopped his fingertip off, I thought I would share pics of some recently completed projects. I remind myself every time that I look at them that Mike must have power tools to make such wonderful pieces. That helps me relax every time I hear a power tool rev up!
Recently, Mike & I have assembled a collection of dishes that are just like the ones that Mike's mom uses for special occasions. They are blue & white & I believe the name is Myott Royal Mail. Our collection was started by a wonderful yard sale find. They were selling quite a stash & for far less than these dishes usually sell for on ebay. Mike augmented our collection with a couple of good ebay purchases & we now officially have enough dinnerware (if you count all of our different patterns) for about 30 dinner guests - we just wouldn't have enough room in our house for that many people!
Wanna come over for supper tonight?
Or, I could just skip dish washing for a whole month!
Actually, I don't think that would work out as well as I would hope.
I've left dishes in the sink for too long before.
Did you know that peanut butter residue can grow purple mold?
Am I oversharing here?
Anyway, I've totally sidetracked myself.
We now have this wonderful collection of dinnerware. Mike became inspired.
He built this shelf for our kitchen.
The green is the same color as our cabinets and the bead board in the back is painted the same off white color as the walls. The wood top is made & trimmed out just like our wooden counter tops. The pottery bowls on the top shelf are the ones that we bought on our honeymoon & first anniversary trips.
The pictures in the frames are the ones that came with the frames.
This is still a work in progress.
As you can see, the picture frame on the top of the refrigerator doesn't even have a picture of a stranger in it. It's been that way for over a year. Maybe I need to take some pics? And actually print them instead of letting them accumulate into the hundreds on a memory card?
Tell me I'm not the only one who does that.
And this beauty is the cabinet Mike was working on when he cut his finger.
We had a dead space between the cabinet & the wall that was just begging for some sort of lovely storage thing to fill it up. Mike designed this cabinet to be my 'Appliance Garage'.

The open shelves hold my pretty Pampered Chef stoneware baker, food processor, blender, baby coffee pot, my KitchenAid mixer, & my bread maker.

I know the boom box on the top really takes you back to the good old 90's, doesn't it?

I would love to get an ipod speaker dock thing to go up there. It's officially on my Christmas list.

Interesting Fact:

The bottom piece of the skinny shelf is what Mike was cutting when his finger

rudely got in the way.

The skinny drawer holds gadgets (because I have a ton; I'm addicted). The deep drawer hold a lot of plastic containers - the kind that defy organization. Right now bowls & lids are neatly stacked in there. I predict mass chaos in that drawer in a few short days. It's how I roll.

I wish I was as crafty as my husband.



Theo-Ann said...

I hope Mike's finger is beginning to feel better. He does awesome work! I would love to have an appliance shelf like that.

Erin said...

Wow! It looks great! I need to get me one of those...not the cabinet, but a handy husband. :)

Anonymous said...

Mare- that looks great!!! I love it!

the johnson crew said...

that does look very good. he is so talented.