Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Training? FAIL!

Yeah, I'm supposed to be training for this long, arduous race in September. Remember? The one that is 13 miles long? Yeah, I kinda forgot, too. Guess I should be working on that...

Actually, I have my training schedule written in my calendar & I have faithfully looked at it & planned the running sessions into my days. The problem is, my days don't always go according to my plan. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes the heat index reaches 105 degrees. Sometimes I go to the gym to run only to discover that I have developed major treadmill phobia (could have something to do with a fall I took off the end of one last year). Sometimes I'm just tired & would rather walk with a friend than run by myself. Sometimes my feet just hurt. And sometimes I just want to be home with my husband.

Especially since he has been hurt. I can use that as a good excuse, right? *grin*

Suffice it to say, any delusional dreams that I may have had that I would win the race have all been dashed to pieces. And I'm super ok with that. I really just want to finish the race & be able to walk the next day. Not a lofty goal, but a good one, I think.

Truly, I feel like the Lord has used this season of training to get me more in shape spiritually than physically. All too often I have given into the temptation to get grumpy, snippy, or whiny when my schedule gets interrupted or rearranged. Some days I just get angry that I can't make circumstances fit my desires to get things accomplished. I have been learning to pray, "Lord, help me to get done today what You want me to get done. And then let me be satisfied & grateful for it."

Which makes all the race preparation (or lack thereof) all worth it!


Erin Neiner said...

UGH! Hope Mike is ok!!! What a horrible accident! :( You have all the excuses in the world now, that's for sure! :) SO, while you're laying low taking care of your husband, maybe you can write a few postcards because YOU WERE THE LUCKY WINNER of my postcard giveaway!!!!! :) Congratulations! And as soon as you email me your address I'll get them right out to you! erin[at]thefinerneiners[dot]com.

Erin said...

Get to work! :) You'll do just great. I hope you can beat last year's time. You did such a great job!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I think treadmill phobia sounds completely logical - I've always thought those treadmills seemed a might suspicious.