Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Faces! Happy Friday!

This is Mike's cousin Von & his mom, Aunt Becky. This pic was taken at their house the night we ate those weird turkey parts. You can check out the whole hilarious story here.

Anyway, I just love their happy smiles. So I had to include this pic on this post since it's going to be all about happy things.

Like, today is Friday. Ahhh...I love Friday. The work week is drawing to a close. The entire weekend lies ahead like a blank sheet of paper. I can daydream & plan & make To Do lists & anticipate.

Anticipate. Anticipation. Great words!

Another happy thought, I had a victory last night in my training. I didn't realize that it was still 94 degrees outside when I went for my run. About a mile and a half into it I started my little pathetic prayers, "Lord, should I keep going? I mean, I really feel like I could die if I keep it up. Is that your will? For me to die along the roadside? Can I at least have enough time to call Mike & have one last conversation?" I know, it's ridiculous. Anyway, I kept going. And I completed a three mile run in 31 minutes. That's pretty good for me right now & the time includes traffic stops. So, it was a small victory. I got home, went inside to the lovely air conditioning & sweat all over our throw rug while I completed my cool down stretches. Just letting you know so that if you come over you can make an informed decision about whether or not you will follow the three second rule with an M&M you dropped on our rug. *grin*

And now for the Grand Poobah of Happy Stories!

My dad is a landscaper. He is also the landscaper that maintains the landscaping at my mom's work. A few weeks ago he was working there & he found an iphone in the flower bed.

Huh? An iphone?

Yep, one of these bad boys. He knew it was "one of those crazy expensive phone computer things." My dad is so technological.

He did figure out how to turn it on. The phone was password protected so he couldn't do much with it. Evidently it had a low battery, too. My dad was very concerned that we figure out how to get it back to the owner. My mom called Mike & I to enlist our help. We were able to charge it up easily. Mike knew he couldn't get past the password deal so he began thinking about removing the sim card. Von was over visiting that night & he has an AT&T cell phone so they figured that if they put the iphone's sim card in Von's phone they might be able to at least access the phone number of the iphone. Presto! Change-o! Voila! That's what they did, it worked, they called the guy, he came & picked up the iphone the next day.

And he brought a gift card. Sweet man! He gave us a $30 gift card to The Outback Steakhouse. Say it with me, YUM!

Since my dad found the phone, Mike figured out how to get it back to the owner & Von helped by letting us use his cell phone, I think they should all go to dinner together, don't you? :-)

Incidentally, Mike has three cousins with names that begin with 'V'. Von. Vincent. Victor. Oy! When they are all together I go cross eyed. I think they should get married to girls named Violet, Vanessa, & Vanna. Then they could have daughters named Viola, Victoria, & Virginia.

I have obviously thought about this too much.

Happy Friday to you all & may you have a wonderful, relaxing, fun weekend!

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