Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PA Trip

The weekend of Mike's finger injury, I was on a little trip to PA to meet up with several of my lifetime friends. These girls are just the girls you need in your life to make you smile, encourage you to be what you ought to be, hold your hand when you are grieving, & jump with you when you are joyful. In short, they are friends that are gifts from the Lord.
We try to get together every year. Usually somewhere in the midwest but this year we headed out to PA where Adele & Rebecca live. We had beautiful weather for walking, shopping, & cooking out. It was a great time (except for that whole little husband trying to cut his finger off situation back home).

Here's the crew! Angie, Adele, PharmGirl, Stephanie, Diana, & Adele.

We went to Pymatuning Lake. It's a huge lake that is in Ohio & PA (I think). It's really quite beautiful with the gulls swooping around & the geese on the water. What is a little weird though is that people come & buy bread & feed it the gazillion huge carp-y looking fish. It's fascinating & disgusting all at the same time.

There was a spillway where a whole bunch of the fish were lined up, mouths to the wall, waiting for chance to try to jump up & out into the lake. It reminded me of trying to jump in when jump roping. I never did see a fish clear the wall. But I did see a couple fall in from the lake side. *smack* on the water!

The last night I was there we didn't all get to be together. So we had a quiet little cookout. The food was great & the company was even better!

Good times with great friends...sometimes it's just what you need!


Alicia said...

Looks like loads of fun!

Erin said...

I'm so glad you got to go have a good time.

Theo-Ann said...

How fun! It looks like you gals had a wonderful time. It's been a long time since I've "seen" them, so thanks for sharing these pictures. You've got some awesome buddies!:)

Rachel said...

I am SO VERY SAD that I couldn't be there!!! Can we do it again?!

Mary Ann said...

Rachel, we missed you & Christie SO MUCH!!! I'm up for another get together anytime - name the date & place!