Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Counting A Few Blessings...

I'm not sure why but lately I've been in a little bit of a wrestling match with restlessness & irritability.  I would love to blame it on the weather because as we all know, winter is not my favorite season.  Actually, I think I just need to work on some heart attitudes & get the Lord's help with developing some contentment in my soul.  Sounds like it's time to get grateful for something.  So I spent a few minutes looking through the pics on my iphone.  I found several right away that put me in a more joyful, thankful frame of mind.
I have so many wonderful friends.  Way back friends.  A sister that is a wonderful, since the first day of my life friend.  Before Christmas Amoke', Amanda, Beth & I got together for brunch & then a little shopping.  We stopped in at a FabUlOus shoe store.  Fun was had by all.
Amoke', Amanda, & Beth huddle up for a pic. 
They are great shopping buddies!

I totally should have bought these flesh colored high heeled booties. 
My life is just not complete without them! *grin*
 I thumbed through a few more pics on the old iphone & found some from a trip I took back in November.  I met up with Roxi & we drove out to Galena, Illinois to meet Erin.  These girls are college friends.  And I trust them with my life.  I trust them so much that I didn't pay any attention to the planning of this trip.  I just said tell me where to be when & I'll show up!  That's how I ended up in Galena.  Which I thought was a lot closer.  I told my husband where I thought it was.  So when I texted him to tell him we were driving over to Dubuque (Iowa!) to go see a movie he was very confused.  You see, I thought Galena was kind of in the middle of Illinois.  It's actually about 10 miles south of the Wisconsin border & 15 miles east of the Iowa border (and don't quote me on that - once again, I'm guess-timating; it's my speciality!).  Anyway, fun of the incredible variety ensued & it was a weekend I will not soon forget.

I'm famous for making friends with girls much,
much, much shorter than me. 
 In the midst of paying $8 a cup for coffee (a slight exaggeration), trying to decide which one of 792,483 scarves to buy, avoiding the singing/dancing salesman in the antique shop, & making friends with the saleslady in the jewelry store, we had great fun trying on these Mexican wrestling masks. Can you tell who is who?

This one may or may not be Erin.
This one may or may not be PharmGirl.
I also have a pic that may or may not be Roxi but I am having issues with blogger.  I had it on here & when I was messing around trying to arrange things to please me I got it in the wrong spot & couldn't move it.  Long story longer, I deleted it & thought I could upload it again.  Apparently not. *frown, frown, pout, pout*

And finally, a huge blessing in my life is this hunky guy right here.
He may be just stubborn enough to never look at me when I'm trying to take his picture,
but he tries to understand me (even when I'm totally NOT understandable).
That makes him the best.
The very best for me.
And I'm grateful.

Is there anything you are feeling especially grateful for?
Share your blessings!

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