Thursday, February 17, 2011

That's Why I Love Him!

Today is an unusual day because I actually got to speak to Mike on the phone during his lunch break. Usually I'm at work & we text back and forth a little bit. Today I was on a Wal*art run for the office so he gave me a call. We were sharing back & forth all the little things we had planned to try to get done this evening. After work today I'm headed over to the G's to give them a little help. Then I need to run a couple of miles, get the post-snowstorm gunk washed off of the car & buy gas. Then I asked him if he wanted me to come home & get dinner fixed & then run after or if I could just go run & we could eat late (probably about 6:30). He asked what I was planning to cook & I told him & without missing a beat he said, "You have an awfully busy afternoon & evening planned. I don't want you to come home & do more work. Pick up take out of your choice on the way home & then there won't be any cooking or dishes to wash."

Maybe he just wasn't excited about my menu plan. I prefer to think that he was just trying to relieve some pressure from my To Do List. Yeah, I'm sure that it's the latter - & that's why I love him!

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