Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An International Craft Swap!

Disclaimer: This is supposed to be a 'button'. I am not savvy enough to figure out how to get a functioning button from her blog onto my blog. Therefore, I just saved & uploaded the graphic. There is a link to Zoe's blog below.

I have been a reader on My Girl Thursday's blog for awhile. Thursday is the girl that I did a little crafting swap with a while back. I did a little cross stitching for her; she sewed an apron for me. You can read about that here.

Today as I was reading over at Thursday's blog I discovered she was hosting a giveaway for Zoe from A Giraffe in a Scarf. Zoe is also organizing an international craft swap. When you sign up she will match you with someone (hopefully) from another country. You will craft a little something for them & ship it off. Then you should receive something from someone else. You have six months to complete your work & get it sent out. I figured I could definitely get something done in six months time.

So I signed up! I just had to send a brief email to Zoe (who lives in Australia, by the way) to give her some information like my name & address, blog address & a few interests or 'likes'. That way she can pass that info on to whoever I get matched with in the swap.

I think she has a great idea with this little swap deal! I'm super excited & a little nervous about what I can make that will be worth passing on. Hopefully my swap receiver won't have super high expectations!

I know some of you are super good crafters.
Head on over to check it out.
If you decide to sign up, let me know!


Alicia said...

That sounds so fun! I'd like to sign up but I hesitate because I don't know if I'll be able to make something in 6 months time! And I have no clue what to make! What are you planning to make?

Zoe said...

Thanks for posting, and thanks again for signing up! I'm so excited too! :D

Mary Ann said...

Alicia, you should do it! I don't know what I will be sending off but it will probably be something with cross stitch or an easy sewing project. I think the whole idea is to do something quick & fun. Take the leap! :-)

Bethann said...

O.K. I had to try this. It sounds way cool. Yet another reason to knit a scarf. Maybe a giraffe can wear it. ummm, better make it really long. Thanks for sharing this.

Mary Ann said...

Bethann, so glad to see you here! Thanks for commenting & I'm excited that you are joining the swap. I would love to see some of the scarves you knit - I'm sure they are fabulous!