Thursday, May 5, 2011

From My Driver's Side Window

This morning we had a customer from about 65 miles away add on a dose.  None of the drivers was available so I got elected to make the trip.  So I loaded the dose up, grabbed a coffee to go, & headed north.  Lately we have had so much rain but today I got the blessing of driving in the sunshine.  The grass is so green (thanks to all of the rain!) & I noticed that many of the unplanted fields have some sort of lavender wild flower (probably just a weed) growing in them.  I'm thinking it's about one of the prettiest things I've seen this spring.
Actually, there might be one thing that's prettier - the new dirt filled hole in our front yard.  That spot signifies a couple of days of angst & a lot of money gone from our hands BUT it also signifies the beauty of freely running water! 

Washing a huge sink full of dishes.
Showering leisurely with the water running the whole time.
Laundry done as many loads at a time as I want.

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