Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This 'n That

Right now I feel like my brain is chock full of stuff.  Things we are planning, things we are supposed to be doing, activities going on, places to be, people to see, stuff to do, stuff to do!

~This week our church is having revival services with Tom Palmer.  What a blessing!  I have learned that I really don't trust God, I don't acknowledge Him like I should, I don't pray like I should, & that He is ready & willing to help me change all of that!  I've been convicted, blessed, & refreshed.  Now I'm teaming up with the Lord to make some changes. 

~Mike's dad went into the hospital Monday afternoon.  He has some chronic health problems & they have raised their ugly heads again.  It's hard to see him unwell & the temptation for the family to be stressed & worried is very strong.  The Lord has been good though & will continue to sustain us & hopefully grant Estel healing quickly so we can have him back home again.

~I got to get my hands a little dirty & potted some flowers that were given to me on Mother's Day.  I kinda felt like a faker because I'm not a mother, but it was nice to be gifted.  And our front porch is a much cheerier place with a white geranium, fuchsia coxcomb, & pretty little Bridal Veil.

~I made a smoothie for breakfast yesterday that was muy magnifique'!  Not sure about my French there but I am sure it was really good.  Take some strawberry kefir, some coconut milk, some fresh blackberries,  some ground flax seed, & a little bit of honey.  Blend them up good & take a long slurp.  I dare you to tell me it's not fabulous *grin*

~I never dreamed I would be eating things like kefir, coconut milk, or ground flax seed.  Or even blackberries.  I was an extremely picky eater as a child.

~I forgot to mention in my Indy Mini post that I still have all of my toenails.  Running is hard on those little piggies!  I do have one that is bruised kind of badly that will probably come off after awhile.  Perhaps that is an overshare...

~Strange things have been happening to me lately.  I have a pair of Dansko clogs.  One day at work one of the rivets broke & then the strap wouldn't stay on my foot.  Broken shoe = major bummer.  Broken expensive shoe = cause for a tantrum!  I didn't throw a fit but I was very sad.  That same day I took my lunch to work & it leaked all over my bag & my jeans.  I smelled like green beans & I had a broken shoe all day.  Later that night after I changed shoes & cleaned the green beans smell from my self, I went grocery shopping.  When I pulled a bag of Gardetto's off of the top shelf I grabbed a bag with a tear in it.  This was the result:

That was a strange, kind of rough day.  I'm glad it's over.

~I'm doing a little countdown to a mini vacation; only 3 more work days!  Next week I will be getting together with Steph, Rachel, Adele, Diana, & Christie (some of my best Northland buddies).  They are all coming over to our house for dinner Monday night & I'm so excited to have them in our home & cook for them.  I'm such a nerd but it does delight me.  And then we will all be at camp together until Wednesday.  Then on Thursday morning I am headed out of town with Roxanna & Becky to go to our friend's wedding in Iowa.  Bekah is already there with Erin & we will have three days to visit, do important wedding prep like get pedicures, & laugh.  These are the I-thank-my-God-for-you-continually kind of friends.  I am feeling so blessed that I get to see them all - I can't wait!

~Today my boss sent me to get gas gift cards for all of the employees at our location.  Nice deal, huh?  I went in the super busy gas station to purchase seven gift cards.  I stood in line for a good five minutes.  I gave the cashier all seven gift cards & she loaded them up.  That takes a while!  Then I swipe my corporate purchasing card (an AmEx) & it gets declined.  She asks me to swipe again.  I swipe again & my back gets hot & my cheeks begin to burn.  We tried it four times & guess what?  My card was declined four times.  I was a little flushed & warm as I left empty handed.  I'm not sure what the deal is but that was just a little humiliating.  And we don't have our free gas *pout*

~It has been sunny & near 90 degrees the last two days.  I'm loving it!  Mike is about ready to die from the heat already & our house is giving my workplace a run for the money for which is colder.  Better keep my sweaters & knee socks handy!

Ahhh...I feel better now.  It's nice to get my head cleared out just a bit.  What's going on in your head lately?

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Mrs. Doug said...

Hey girl... we all have days like this. Well, maybe not as crazy as this, but similar.

90... where are you? Our warmest day so far has been 75... not too shabby, but I'm ready for 90 :)