Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Things That Make Me Happy...

There are four bird's nests on the building where I work.
I love to see momma birds on their nests.

Momma Robin
Roasted zucchini & yellow squash.  Hello yummy summer food!  I might have rushed it just a little...these veggies could not have been grown anywhere locally but they sure did taste good.  Gotta get my taste buds ready for some yummy summer produce!

Squash, olive oil, oregano, & garlic powder - my oh my!
What random things are making you happy today?


Adele said...

I'll expect that yumminess when we eat dinner at your house....please? :)

Alicia said...

Oooh, can't wait for squash and zucchini!

Here's a random thing that made me smile today . . . my Chloe was holding a praying mantis and letting it climb all over her fingers/arms. She said, "I think I'll name him George. Curious George. He's my very best friend." Oozing with sweetness, innocence and girliness she is! :)

Mary Ann said...

Adele, my plan is that you won't leave hungry :-)
Alicia, I admire Chloe for letting a praying mantis crawl on her! They freak me out just a bit b/c they get so big! I love how she had to give him a name; this is so like a girl. She's such a cutie!