Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Is My Friday!

Each day before I clock out, I have to set things up for the pharmacist that will be compounding the drugs the next morning.  We have these handy little sheets (called Kit Prep sheets) that list all of the drug kits that we would possibly make.  I fill in all of the lot numbers of the drugs that need to be made that next morning & then the pharmacist fills in the rest of the sheet as he compounds the kits.
Today I'm going to be tempted to circle that big fat "F" for Friday.  Because this is my first & last day to work this week!
This evening I am going to have the fun of hosting some of my wonderful college buddies for dinner.  Stephanie, Adele, Christie, Diana, & Rachel will all be knocking on our door at about 5:30 this evening.  Christie is even bringing her adorable baby girl Claire & Rachel is bringing her boys Spencer & Parker.  I could not be more excited.  We usually get together every year as time & schedules allow.  The last time I was with these gals was when Mike had his table saw accident.  I was there, but I wasn't really present if you know what I mean.  This time we are reunioning in my neck of the woods so I was really excited to have them come to our home.  I've been fussing & cleaning & cooking all weekend long & I think I'm actually ready to feed them well!
I'll be home tonight & then leave tomorrow after I send the husband to work.  I'm going to join up with the girls at Camp Assurance & hang out there with them until the last possible second.  Then I have to beat it home to get my hair taken care of (skunk stripe anyone?  gotta love that gray!).  I'll get to spend that night home & then head out early Thursday morning to meet up with Roxanna & Becky to head to Iowa for Erin's wedding!  Bekah is already there, having traveled all the way from Japan.  We'll have some time to hang out with Erin before the big day & then get home sometime Saturday night.
It's going to be a GREAT week! 
God has been so kind to bless my life with good friends.

I will be busy out there so you won't see much of me until the next time...happy trails!


Mrs. Doug said...

Wow... sounds like a lot of fun. When I was married we lived in Colorado, far away from all my high school buddies. Then when I went to college in Florida no one left there to come to freezing New England, but I still keep in contact with some of my friends. It's amazing all the changes in our lives and how fast the kids grow up... mine are 30 and 31 now... yikes.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

malia said...

hope you had a great time!!!! blogger has been having major issues. so sorry to hear it affected you.