Friday, May 13, 2011

What I'm Reading

One of the guys that I work with has a sister who is an avid reader.  Thankfully, she still reads actual books instead of using a Kindle or Nook.  Whenever her shelf gets full of books she has read she has Tom haul them in here so that we can all look through them & snag whichever ones catch our eye.  Recently I was lamenting that I didn't have anything to read when I opened a drawer & found one of Kathy's hand me down books. 
I haven't read much yet, but I'm hooked.  The basic story line is based in Mississippi in 1962.  The story is told from the perspective of a black lady who works as a housekeeper for a white family.  There is some major conflict brewing that is full of racial tension. 

I love books like this.  Books that tell a story from the perspective of a real life.  Books that represent an era in history that I did not experience.  I'm not very far into the story so I can't wholeheartedly tell you it's a must read but so far so good.

This book has really made me think.  It's set in 1962, only 49 years ago.  Well within the lifetime of my parents & only 17 years before I was born.  And yet my jaw almost drops as I read when I discover the differences in our culture now from our culture then.  The racial issues were the first & most obvious difference.  The other differences are more subtle.  Back then, women usually didn't go to college.  They married & had babies & stayed home.  The husbands alone bore the responsibility for providing for the family.  I'm speaking in broad terms here; I know there were many women who sought higher education & careers.  It just made me aware of how I myself have come to consider these things as rights & customary & definitely the norm. 

And I'm astounded at how much change has taken place in such a relatively short time frame.

It makes me wonder about what changes we will look back & see 47 years from now?

I mentioned before that we have had special meetings at church this week.  One evening Tom Palmer spoke about Making A Difference, Being Able To Make An Impact For God.  His message was based out of the story of David as he approached Goliath (I Samuel 17). 
His main points were:
1.  David had a burden.  He had an overwhelming concern about the situation.
     I should also have a burden & this burden must be deepened.
2.  David had a vision.  He believed that God could do anything.
     I have a vision that must be expanded.  When I can't, God can.
3.  David had a passion.  His passion was that God would be known as God.
     My passion must be intensified.  Why do I do the things I do?  What drives me?
4.  David was dedicated.  He was willing to do whatever it took (even fight Goliath!) to get things accomplished for God.
     My dedication must be renewed.  Jesus should be the Lord of my life.  There should be no "I would," or "I could," or "I should."  It needs to be "I will."

All of this has been swirling around in my head this week.  I've been wondering about all of the social change that's happened since 1962.  I've been wondering about all of the change that will take place between now & 2060.  Change will take place; change always happens.  I just wonder how much change will be affected by people who want to make a difference for Christ.  I hope I'm just one of the many who work for His cause.

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