Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Couple of Misfires

Our Fourth of July weekend was very exciting - and the excitement started on Saturday night.

Mike & I had spent the evening at Beth & Brennan's house with several other couples & their kids.  We had a great time together, eating, visiting, & shooting off some fireworks.  While we were outside lighting up the sky with roman candles, fountains, & bottle rockets there was also a lot of lightning lighting up the sky to the north.  I checked the radar & it looked like the storms were far north of us & that we had nothing to worry about.

Several hours later we were home & I was fast asleep.  We are talking deep sleep.  That storm was no longer far north of us but hovered right on top of our cozy little house.  At almost exactly 1:30 in the morning there was a horrible loud boom.  I didn't hear it (remember, I was fast asleep) but Mike sure did & it really startled him.  He jumped out of bed & hollered at me & started looking out the window to see if there was any damage within sight.  He couldn't see anything but he did note that our power was out.  I double checked my phone to be sure an alarm was set so that we wouldn't miss church, rolled over, & fell back to sleep.  I was tired; did you pick up on that?

The next morning when my alarm went off the first thing I noticed was how warm the house was.  Ought-o.  Still no power.  I started stirring around trying to figure out what we needed to do.  We loaded up our Sunday clothes that needed ironing & a few things from the freezer & took them over to my M&D's.  I'm so grateful that they live so close & that they still had power!  When we reported our outage the estimated repair time was 6 p.m.  Ugh.  Before we went to M&D's we did a little bit of looking around.

This transformer is by the back corner of our house.  I'm not sure if you can see it in this pic, but the lid was blown clean off of it.  We are pretty sure that this was the source of the loud bang. 

And this sight greeted us at the front door.  At first I was super relieved, thinking that the limb had fallen right beside the car.  When we looked a little closer we were convinced otherwise.

There's a pretty sizable dent & scratch where the limb hit the top of the car before it fell to the ground.  I was kind of discouraged when I saw it but then I remembered something.  Earlier that week Mike & I had discussed dropping full coverage on the Corolla because it is paid off.  We then did some investigating online & realized that the Corolla had retained an amazing amount of its value & decided to leave the insurance as it was.  Thank God!  Our insurance will pay for this repair with no deductible & no impact on our premium.  Hopefully we can get it repaired later this week.

If I were a paranoid person who believed in poltergeists I would think that those trees were trying to get rid of us...first the sewer, then the roots in our flowerbed, and now dropping limbs on the car...hmmm...just a little something to think about...

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