Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's On My Nightstand

At this point I was hoping to be writing out a very informative review of the book, "The Maker's Diet".  It's time for a little bit of confession. 

Confession is good for the soul, right?

My nightstand has been hijacked.

I was dutifully reading "The Maker's Diet" & actually learning some things.  It's started off as a very interesting, convicting, although somewhat heavy read.

And I made a quick trip to the library. 

At the library I made a quick availability search.

You guessed it, that's when the train jumped the tracks.

Because this little book was available to check out.

Check it out, I did.

Read it everyday until I was finished, yes I did!

It was a fun read.  And after I read all about the sickness on their honeymoon I didn't feel nearly so bad about having strep throat on my honeymoon!

Ree is nice & comforting like that.

So I can't tell you oodles of facts about how our digestive systems should be working & what exactly we should be eating for optimal health, but I can tell you that the Pioneer Woman experienced a lot of stomach dysfunction in the first year of her marriage. 

I wonder if she would like to read "The Maker's Diet"?

Never fear, I do intend to get back on track & read "The Maker's Diet".  Pinky swear.  And if I don't get it done in a reasonable amount of time I owe you all a McDonald's dinner & a  McFlurry!  A nice, healthy meal...

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TwoMuths said...

What fun! I don't often visit the other sections of the library anymore - by the time we get done with the kids' books, I'm about shot. Maybe it's time for an alone trip to the library!!!