Friday, July 8, 2011

An International Craft Swap Update

As the deadline for my International Craft Swap project swiftly approaches I am feeling a little panicky. 

Just a little bit.

Probably due to the fact that I haven't started yet.

And complicated by the fact that I haven't picked a project yet.


I need some help.  Since I'm not super crafty & I try to like doing crafts-y things but I don't really have any amazing artistic ability I just kind of flounder around with a zillion half hatched ideas in my brain.

So I started surfing the web.  And this is where you come in.

I've discovered a few projects that I think even I could pull off without investing too many hours & too many dollars. 

All I need you to do is let me know which project you think you would most like to receive as a gift.  That's all.  Not too hard, right?  So leave a comment here or on facebook or tell me in person.  Please don't be silent!  Because I know you have an opinion lurking around in there *grin*

Option #1:
A dressy scarf  Even though I have a degree in Home Economics & I had to take several sewing classes, I'm not much of a seamstress.  However, I do think I could pull this off.  I am a little intimidated because the girl I'm gifting seems to be quite the talented seamstress.

Option #2:
Anthro Geological Spectrum Necklace  I've never made a necklace in my life.  But I did make a bunch of beaded bracelets for Christmas one year.  That gives me the confidence to think that I could probably pull this one off & make a humdinger of a necklace!

Option #3:
A bracelet from a belt This idea comes from Malia at one of my favorite blogs, Yesterday on Tuesday. She's full of easy ideas & all sorts of fun.  You should check her blog out sometime.

Option #4:
A Chalkboard Candelabra This idea is also from Malia.  I think this is the project that I really want to do.  It just looks fun & it's something completely different than any other crafty thing I've done.  And I think Mike would have to help me.  I'm always looking for excuses to spend time with him.  Don't tell, but I think he's cute *grin*

Option #5:
Anything you can think of to recommend to me.  I'm open for suggestions!

Thanks for all of your help!


Anonymous said...

My favorite is the chalkboard candelabra. It really does not look to hard to do. A neat idea! I am sure whatever you choose will look great! :) Becky

Alicia said...

All of those projects look neato bandeeto! I think the chalkboard candelholder and necklace look the most promising. I'm guessing the chalkboard one will be easiest and least costly. You could even include a pack of bright chalk to go with it!