Saturday, July 2, 2011

It Could Be Time...

for an intervention...

You see, things have gotten increasingly more serious...
some might even say it's gotten a little out of hand...

It used to be that I liked picking up a gas station coffee every now & again. 

I figured out the perfect cup - 3/4 decaf & 1/4 Colombian.
Top it off with some cream & sugar & some cinnamon.

I'd stop in maybe once every couple of weeks.

Then it got more serious. 
The cravings were intense!
I'd stop in, get my perfect cup of joe & then a smile would spread across my face. 
The ultimate in early morning happiness.

See that smile?
It used to be reserved for Mike alone...
Poor Mike...

Recently things have escalated to a whole other level.  Did you realize that gas stations have deals on fountain soda?  You can get anywhere from a 20 oz. drink to a 44 oz. drink for the low, low price of $.89!  And if you have their punch card, every 6th drink is FREE!
Do you see why I'm having such a struggle?
And they have that lovely crushed up ice that looks like little pellets. 
I love pellet ice.  It's a sickness.

The perfect soda is 3/4 caffeine free Diet Coke and 1/4 Diet Dr. Pepper. 
Bliss, sheer bliss...

I think I might be in trouble...send help before I drink away the family fortune!

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