Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A New Addition to the Family

No, I'm not pregnant.

And no, we didn't get a puppy (too bad!).

We got a Ram.

A Dodge Ram, that is. 

Mike & I had been praying for quite some time that the Lord would provide a truck for us.  Mike has one that's wrecked.  He knows how to fix it but we either haven't had the money or he hasn't had the time.

Time & money.
Money & time.

It's so funny to me how it always seems to work that way - when I have money, I have no time (probably because I'm working WAY to much to get the money!).  And then when I have the time, I got no money.

So Mike's wrecked truck has sat in his parent's driveway for quite some time.  And we were praying for a solution to our truck problem.  With all of the woodworking & remodeling projects Mike takes on, it just really helps to have a truck.  It's no easy feat to figure out how to get a 12 foot piece of wood trim home when you are driving a compact Toyota, people. 

So we were praying specifically because we want to be wise with the resources God gives us & not just go out & buy things because we want them or because right now we can afford them.  We prayed specifically: we asked God to provide us with a Dodge Ram, regular cab, short bed, 4 wheel drive, in the color black if it wasn't too much trouble.

Evidently for the Lord, it wasn't too much trouble.

We are enjoying the Ram & trying to remind ourselves that it is a work vehicle & not an everyday driver. 

One of it's first loads was to haul home some windows for Mike's parent's garage.  Over the next few weeks he will be working on getting four windows switched out for them in the next stage of the big garage update.  What's that?  I haven't shared the completion of Stage One yet?  It's coming, I promise!  I've had a little bit of trouble loading up all of the pics.  When I get them on here, watch out!  You're going to love what you see!

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Carrie said...

Nice!!! Gas or diesel? Jim has a Dodge Ram too--a diesel. It's his dream truck. Even though it is a '97! :) It has well over 200K miles on it and still going strong, although we did have to replace the transmission last year. It is so neat to see God provide specific answers to prayer, isn't it? Hope it is a great truck for you!! :)