Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Little More of Mike's Handiwork

For Christmas this past year Mike really wanted me to get him a scroll saw. I eagerly obliged b/c for some reason or other, I am just not really great at picking out gifts for him. So we went to Lowe's, picked it out, trundled it home & I wrestled the wrapping paper around the heavy box when he wasn't looking.
Since Christmas he has made several puzzle boxes. I took a couple pics of them & they are posted below. The pics don't really show them off for how neat they are. Each box is made after the same pattern; Mike has just made different sizes & used different finishes.

Each box has a 'key' and once it is removed the lid can slide off. When you slide the lid off, there is another lid inside to lift off. When Lid #2 is lifted off, you finally get to see the hidden compartment. Cool, huh? Anyway, he's made about 10 of them, trying to perfect the little things along the way. It's hard to create a tight fitting box without it being too tight. I think he's doing great, though :-)

And here is what is keeping him busy right now. We have wanted a tilt-out drawer hamper for our bedroom for a long time. However, they cost about $300 plus shipping. No way, Jose! So Mike studied our bedroom furniture & drew up this plan to build one. It's super great b/c it will cost a lot less & share all of the details of our other bedroom furniture.
He got this part of it completed last Saturday. Imagine what this guy could do if he actually had a decent workshop?
For my part, I continue to overlook the sawdust in the house. It's totally worth it.


TwoMuths said...

looks great!! it's really nice to have a handy and creative husband, isn't it??

I had this thought - wonder if tacking some painters plastic tightly against the joists in the basement would help cut down on the sawdust seeping up through the floors - at least right over where he's cutting?

Erin said...

How can I get a Mike? :) I haven't been in my house a week yet and realize how much work owning a house is going to be. Yep, I need a Mike. Or maybe I should just trust God to help. :)

Rebecca said...

He is fantastic! I am thoroughly impressed!