Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Anniversary of Sorts

Three years ago today Mike & I went on our first date. At least, that's when we think we went on our first date. We segued so seamlessly from good friends to dating that it's a little hard to tell exactly what happened when. But this was the first occasion where I remember him asking me to plan something like a week in advance. I had mentioned that I wanted to see the movie "Dan In Real Life" so he suggested that we get some dinner & go see it the next Saturday night. That was Saturday, October 27, 2007. That was a great, fun night & the beginning of the Rest of My Life.

Forgive me, I just couldn't resist getting a little dramatic *grin*

Two years ago Mike asked me to be his wife. You can read about his proposal here. I was only just beginning to realize how much I loved that man.

Mike has to work late tonight & I am on Day 7 of the worst cold of my adult life. We will be celebrating quietly - a very nice dinner of BBQ Pork Loin, Mushroom & Cheddar Potatoes, & Green Beans. Mike doesn't know it yet but I'm going to rush home from work & put together a batch of his favorite cookies as a surprise. It helps that his favorite cookies are peanut butter & they only require three ingredients. That man is too easy on me!

Anyway, I thought maybe our little 'anniversary' was worth noting. How do you remember your life story events? The first date? The proposal? The first/fifth/tenth anniversary? Please share all your girly, giggly stories - it will be like a bloggie slumber party!


Erin said...

Awwwww. That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing that story. :)

Steve n Vickie said...

Congradulations on three years!