Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Fun Giveaway!

I can't tell you how I rabbit-trailed to find this blog, but I have enjoyed following Clean Mama for several weeks now. She is hosting a fabulous giveaway over there, so you had better go check it out!

We have all hard floors in our little house - hardwood & linoleum. I could (& sometimes do!) sweep every day. Usually for mopping, I hand mop or use a Swiffer wet mop. I am happy to hand mop the bathroom (it's little), but the larger areas of our home are much harder to hand mop so I Swiffer regularly & when I'm turbo motivated I hand mop. Either way, I don't think I'm ever super happy about the state of our floors.

How do you mop? Have you seen the mop she's featuring in her giveaway? Have you used one?

I'm always on the hunt for cleaning tips so you have two assignments:
#1. Go check out Clean Mama & her giveaway.
#2. Give me a floor cleaning tip that is tried & true

Pretty please & thank you very much.


Alicia said...

VINEGAR! Cleans so much it's a bit scary. :) I use it combined with baking soda on our shower walls and our stainless steel sink. My best cleaning tip though is for cleaning coffee pots -- put a few slices of lemon in an empty coffee pot with some large salt crystals (sea salt or rock salt) and ice cubes. Shake it all up and wipe. The acid in the lemon takes off the stains like magic!

Mary Ann said...

Alicia, you are so right about vinegar! I use it to clean our mirrors. My husband is super sensitive to the smell, though. I have to use it sparingly or just wait until he isn't home.
I will have to make note of your coffee pot cleaning method. Sounds like a great magic trick!