Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What A Steal Of A Deal!

On Monday I had to make a run to Walmart for work. We needed coffee supplies & rubbing alcohol. Weird combo, huh? I was a little grumpy because I was going to have to go to Walmart that same evening to do some grocery shopping. Two wally world trips in one day can equal a grouchy Pharm Girl. However, we cannot survive without coffee creamer & rubbing alcohol to spray down the lab. So off to Walmart I went.
When I walked through the door I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple from my church at a table they had set up where they were giving flu shots. I had a nice little catch up chat with them. I haven't seen them much lately because they have had some health challenges. It was really good to see them out and about. BONUS: before we said goodbye Julie told me that the grapes were on sale for $.25/lb.! What a steal of a deal!
I quickly gathered the items on my list for the workplace & then jammed over to the white grapes (Mike doesn't like the red ones; he's a weirdo). And why do they call them white grapes? They are totally green. And that's what I call them when no one is listening. I guess I'm just a little too literal... Anyway, I kind of expected them to be a little fuzzy or smooshed or just not good. But they weren't! So I grabbed some & I got this whole big colander full for $1!
Yum! What a blessing!

Sometimes I just get into ruts of junk thinking. It's almost automatic (what does that say about me?!). When I was in college I found it fairly easy to trust the Lord for my finances. If He wanted to keep me in school He would have to provide the funds. There was really no way I could work more or manipulate the situation. He had to work. And He did. Sometimes it felt like the money literally fell from the sky. That kind of answered prayer should make an impact on a person & it did. But once I graduated & began working my attitude has become totally different. Kind of like, "Thanks Lord for getting me through school. I can take care of this now. You can have a break." When money gets tight I try to find ways to work more or cut costs. My first instinct is not to pray. My first reaction is not to trust the Lord. I've got a big fat trust in myself problem.
So when little blessings come my way, like grapes massively on sale, they are actually huge blessings. They help me recognize that the Lord is watching out for us. He is our provider. He is our Jehovah Jireh.
And I am just a crazy stubborn hard-headed woman who has a lot still to learn.
But right now I'm going to go munch on some fabulous grapes!

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19


the johnson crew said...

I really enjoyed reading this post! Awesome deal on the grapes. Praise God!

I would say my story is a bit opposite of yours. Through college i had free tuition and Mom and Dad right there. All my needs were met, I hardly even thought about money. A few years down the road I find myself with six kids and a husband who had just lost a job (and couldn't get unemployment because he had been working for a church.) God has given us faith to trust him through that and has provided so much for us in truly amazing ways.

Praising God. :)

Theo-Ann said...

What an awesome reminder that God takes care of us...even in the little things. Thanks for sharing this.:)

Alicia said...

I totally get this -- it's way easier for me to see God's hand of provision in the LITTLE things than in the big ones! So glad He gave you a glimpse of His deep deep love for you in providing some grape yumminess!