Monday, October 25, 2010

*Sniffle* Sniffle*

I have a cold. It's a whopper. This is no little case of the sniffles. This is not a sneeze every once in a while. This is a full bore, stuffy head, achy chest, take your temperature just to be sure you don't have a fever kind of cold. It stinks.
Earlier today the sinus pressure tried to evict my eyeballs. It was an ugly situation.
This morning I came to the conclusion that I would rather be a stay at home mom with four children under five years old than go to work feeling like I do. A SAHM can stay in her pajamas all day. She can at least attempt to wrangle the kids from the couch. She can call the grands & the aunties to get some help. I can only imagine my boss's response if I showed up my my pajamas with my mom & sister to help me get my work done. There's a little voice in the back of my head (behind all of the congestion) that is screaming that such behavior would not be acceptable. *sigh*
Another thing I learned today is that some people will say anything right to your face. I work with all men. They are usually a fun group. Sometimes we get crossways with each other but most of the time we are cool. Today, however, they were a little too frank with their remarks. I heard all three of these today:

"Did you get any sleep at all this weekend? You look rough!"

"Are you going to make it through the day or pass out on me half way through?"

And my personal favorite:

"Are you just in a really bad mood or do you not feel good?"

I'm taking some medicine & going to bed. Tomorrow will be better. It had better be better!


Alicia said...

Aw, you poor thing! Yikes, those comments are brutal -- a testimony to working with mostly men, I take it? Women (I hope) would have been more sympathetic and made you a cup of tea! Hope you can call in sick tomorrow and get some much needed rest!

Carrie said...

Sorry to hear you're so sick!! :( I agree with Alicia--call in sick tomorrow and spend the day in your PJs!!! With lots of tea and cold meds, and vit. C!! :)

And those comments from your coworkers must have been really annoying . . . but the way you wrote about them was very funny! :D Especially the last one . . .

Hope you feel lots better soon!!

Theo-Ann said...

Hope you feel better real soon, Mary Ann!:) Drink lots of water, eat some chicken noodle soup and stay in your pj's!:) By the way, I stay in my pj's for half the day some times (and I have no kiddos at home). Sometimes, it just feels good to have a relaxing day when you're not feeling well. Take care.

the johnson crew said...

oh my, i hope you are feeling better. and if not by all means, CALL IN SICK!

I'm also going to point out that "the grass is always greener..." I am a stay at home mom... i only have 3 under the age of 5 but when I'm sick, i just have to keep going too. I wish my family was closer to come over and lend a hand... but my mom is 4 hours away with a broken leg. - When mom is sick, the kids are usually sick too which means interruptions in my sleep all night long. (even when they are not sick).

But I do hope you do stay home and sleep it off. I am sure you really need that. I will pray you are well soon.

Erin said...

I feel your pain! I feel awful. Why am I ALWAYS sick on my Birthday. Seriously...I've not been healthy on my Birthday since I turned 30...rotten immune system. :( At least I get to see you next weekend. That will cheer me up! Yippee! Okay, too much excitement. Now I'm off to bed.

Steve n Vickie said...

Colds are sucha drag. They effect everything you do.Hope you get better soon.