Friday, October 22, 2010

Our House Smells Like A Pizzeria

I woke up this morning & wanted to hold my nose. I wrinkled it up instead & hit the floor running. I needed both hands so that I could fix Mike's lunch really fast & push him out the door. He has to clock in before 5:30 a.m. & he has to cross a mean railroad track to get to his workplace so he's got to hit the road on time. Investigating why our house smelled like a pizzeria full of pungent garlic cloves was going to have to wait until after he was out the door.
I handed Mike his lunch box, kissed his handsome face, promised him I would pray for him, & watched him get into his car. It's my morning ritual.
Anyway, ritual completed, time to think about the pizzeria perfume hanging around our little abode. I thought back to last night's dinner preparation. My meal planning was just a little sketchy this week. I haven't been home to cook a lot & last night I was really tired. I've got a cold coming on & I was just dragging. So I opted for a somewhat simple chicken & broccoli & rice dish for Mike (it's one of his favorites but I can take it or leave it). For myself, I was going to take some of the chicken & make up a quick couscous & balsamic vinegar & feta cheese creation. It's a fabulous dish but Mike isn't a fan so I figured the perfect compromise was taking place - his easy favorite for him, my easy favorite for me.
Everything was going very well; I was multi-tasking like a professional! For my dinner I needed to crush two cloves of garlic, add some olive oil & chicken broth then put in the microwave to heat to a nice simmer. I pulled the aromatic mixture out of the microwave & promptly dumped a box of couscous in. And then I recoiled in horror, mouth agape. There were some dead bug looking like things in my couscous! Ack! Serious yuckiness!
So the contents of the bowl went in the trash. So sad. I ended up with a smorgasbord kind of dinner, eating two bites of this & two bites of that to finish up some leftovers.
After dinner I looked at the half empty trash can & knew that it would have to be emptied because of the garlic in the couscous mixture as well as some chicken garbage. Both of those items are notoriously stinky if left around any time at all. The trash was disposed of promptly & the kitchen was wiped down & closed for the night.
We went to bed & all was well.
So why does the house smell like a pizzeria today? I just can't figure it out.

Oh least the house doesn't smell like this guy's arm pit! This picture cracked me up. I hope it brings a giggle to your Friday!


the johnson crew said...

ha ha, you are so funny. i love the way you write. :) hope the smell clears up. our house often smells like poopie diapers...

Erin said...

That's so funny!!!! I remember the yummy couscous recipe. I've made it several times for myself. I'm thinking it's time to make it again! Yum!