Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Mondays

In the Pharm Girl world, Mondays are a little crazy. I think they are crazy for most people who work a regular Monday through Friday work week.

I heap the punishment upon myself by doing our grocery shopping on Mondays. If I want to take part in the good deals at CVS & Walgreens I have to shop on Monday. And if I am going to make two stops, I might as well make them all!

This week I had my list all planned & my coupons all organized before the end of my workday. I was able to leave work & head right out to shop. That always makes me happy. Get it out of the way & have the evening to relax & just be at home...ahhh!

The shopping went well. I even feel like I got it done quickly! Mike checked in with me when he got off work & I told him I was 'only' going to go to Walmart, Kroger, & Walgreens. Usually I hit Aldi & CVS, too. He thinks I'm nuts for making all of those stops. He would just go to Kroger & be done with it. I just can't take the easy road. I must use coupons! I must take advantage of the deals! I think I adopt a warrior shopper mindset. I must crush & destroy the enemy!

Anyway, it was a good, profitable, money saving shopping trip.

Then I got home. We lugged in the haul. I unpacked the bags. And I found this:

My Greek yogurt cup lid had a big puncture in it! *sigh* I had bought it on sale with a double coupon. It was one of my shopping victories (not to mention one of my favorite snacks!). Oh well. No use crying over stabbed yogurt, right?


Alicia said...

WOW. I'm in AWE of your shopping agenda after a full Monday of working. Sounds like you a much more organized shopper than I am though! Bummer about the yogurt. :(

malia said...

rats I hate when that happens... I had a similar experience with a milk jug-- totally icky! good for you for using coupons though ( - :

Erin said...

Aren't you funny? So sorry about your yogurt. And good for shopper!