Thursday, October 7, 2010

Driving Lessons

I think I am correct when I say that my job isn't exactly normal. I do have a regular shift. I do go to work each day with a reasonable expectation of what the day's tasks will include. I know I will be helping with the second run of doses that will be delivered to our customers. I know there will be a few daily tasks in regards to paperwork & billing.
But that's about all I know. Each day our orders fluctuate. I have noticed that Wednesdays tend to be slow days while Mondays & Fridays tend to be busy days. I'm guessing that patients like to schedule their nuclear medicine tests on a Monday or a Friday so that they can have a three day weekend. That's what I would do!
This aspect of not really knowing what my workday may hold is one of the major reasons I like my job. The unexpected add-on doses, the days when we are unusually busy with scheduled doses, even the material shortage that we had to deal with, are all kind of exciting to me.
Usually we have five drivers that make the rounds with the deliveries. We service local customers, customers that are 80 miles away (that's 160 miles round trip!) & everyone in between. Our drivers come in to work around 3:30 in the morning & their workday ends at 11:30. If we have any add-on doses or doses that are scheduled later in the day, I am the only one available to make the delivery.
I love making deliveries. There is something super wonderful about walking away from my desk for a long drive. Sometimes I have to leave the paperwork piled high & sometimes I am overjoyed to have a delivery to make because there is no other work for me to be doing.
Over the course of the almost nine years that I have had this job I have learned a lot of driving lessons. I'm thinking maybe someday I should teach a class for delivery drivers! Here's what the lesson plans would include:
*Always be sure to have your ipod. You can only seek on the radio for so long before you lose your mind. Or is that just me?
*Always be well rested. It's super hard to stay awake while driving if you have been trying to exist on five or less hours of sleep. If you can't be well rested you can implement these tricks:
1. drink lots of coffee, induce stomach ache & then your eyes will be wide open while you clutch your aching belly
2. park the car on the shoulder of the road with the hazard lights on, exit car, run laps around the vehicle until you are so embarrassed that you are wide awake
3. hit the automatic window button, watch the window go down & then watch the window go up
4. french braid your hair (this requires special skill as you will have to drive with your knee)
5. slap yourself in the face (try not to leave a mark)
6. car dance
*If the weather is good for it, always drive with the windows down; it is exhilarating & no one else in the world really cares what your hair looks like. However, beware! Remember that your windows are down when you get back in town in close traffic. You don't want everyone to hear you belting out your tunes while you are waiting for a red light. *blush*
*The only good thing about the leaves falling from the trees in the autumn is that you can spot the hawks in the trees. They are so spectacular perched up there in their puffy regal glory. If you are a compulsive counter like me you can count all of them that you see.
*Watch the big birds soaring up above. Try to discern if they are eagles or turkey vultures. If they are turkey vultures don't look too close for they are UGLY BEASTS!
*As mentioned above, have your ipod or MP3 so that you have your own music. Then when you get tired you can car dance. However, beware! Before you bust loose with a shoulder groove or enthusiastic head bop, be sure to check your blind spot to see if anyone is in the process of passing. Also, check on the oncoming traffic to be sure no one is close enough to observe your awesome rhythm. You don't want to amuse everyone else on the road; you just want to enjoy your music. And if they laugh, don't let it get you down! Yes, I have been caught car dancing before. *blush*
*Also in regards to music & belting out the tunes with your favorite artists, please don't yodel yourself hoarse trying to keep up with the likes of Dolly Parton or Alison Krauss - especially if you are an alto like me.
*Enjoy the opportunity to be in control of your environment. In the office I usually have a sweatshirt on & I am huddled over my space heater. While driving I blast the heat! I wag my finger at the air conditioning controls! I revel in my temperature independence & I rebuke my goosebumps! It's a little piece of heaven.
*Always carry sanitizer & sanitizing wipes. I work with seven men. We share five vehicles & one bathroom (oy!). One thing I have definitely learned is that they are messy creatures. They may have hearts of gold but they tend to spill & crumble everything they drink & eat. They also cough, burp, sneeze, & spit all over the place. Or at least it looks like they do. In any case, be prepared.
Just some wisdom to pass on from me to you. Now your day is complete.


Carrie said...

You are too funny!! Thanks for the giggle. :) I especially enjoyed the part about car dancing . . . :D OH yeah, and the part about sharing a car and bathroom with seven men . . . ick! Enough to give a girl the shivers!! :)

Steve n Vickie said...

Hee Hee thanks for passing along the great advice!!