Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Culinary Miscabobble

I had myself all prepared to post a fabulous write up on a homemade granola bar recipe.

I took lots of pics.  I even used natural light (which I have read enough about on other blogs to figure out that it must be important).  I got the idea to make homemade granola bars from one of Alicia's recent posts.  She was discussing her goal of purchasing less processed food & it made sense to me, too.  This was the second time for me to use this recipe but I have been adding lots of personal tweaks. 

In case you didn't know 'personal tweaks' is synonymous for 'reasons the recipe can fail.'

And that's what happened.
I don't think I'm being prideful by saying that the granola bars look good.  And they smelled good.  And they even taste pretty good.  So I won't call this a complete failure.  But I did keep going back for bite after bite trying to figure out what was off.  Once I had totally wrecked my sensible eating for the day by snagging way too many evaluation bites, I think I have it at least partially figured out.  When I get it all straight we will revisit this recipe with another post that will celebrate it's wonderfulness!

In the meantime, may I entertain you with a story about myself that should make you chuckle?

The first time I made the granola bars I had a new ingredient to add to my pantry.  The recipe calls for wheat germ so I bought some (and yes, I did the happy dance when I found it in Walmart; that place is huge! when looking for something new it can take HOURS).  Anyway, after I was done using it I read the entire label, twisting the jar all the way around more than once trying to determine if it needed to be stored in the refrigerator.  Something was tickling in the back of my mind that wheat germ should be refrigerated once it's opened.  However, we have a teensy fridge & real estate in that baby comes at a premium.  I wasn't going to add another jar in there unless it was necessary.  I twirled the jar a couple of times & then set it down on the counter with a huff of frustration thinking maybe I'd have to look it up on my iphone.

That's when I got a look at the lid.  Are those half inch letters big enough for you, PharmGirl?

I put the jar in the fridge.  After all, the package clearly states that it should be refrigerated after opening!

Sometimes I can be a little blonde unobservant.

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Alicia said...

OH, dear! I've learned that same lesson the hard way -- make too many substitutions and the end product can be downright awful! I think your picture of granola bars looks great though! Did you double the recipe to make them go all the way out to the edges of your pan? I've been making the recipe bigger by 1.5 so the batch lasts us a little longer.

Good luck at tweaking -- keep us posted on the yummy results!