Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Memorial Day

I love Memorial Day.  It's a holiday that is full of meaning & significance.
I have so many memories from my childhood of visiting the cemeteries with fabulous bunches of plastic flowers to place on the grave sites of family members long ago laid to rest in quiet country cemeteries.
I also remember my dad faithfully hanging out a big American flag by our front door.

Our Memorial Day celebrations look a little different now that we are all grown up.  My dad usually works (he's crazy).  My mom's family has a big cookout at the G's Farm.  The Farm is really just a little spot of land that they own out in the country.  They have a garden, orchard, & small cabin there.  You won't get bothered by things like electricity or running water.  It's rustic & quiet & wonderful.  And it offers views like this one:

 Mike has been working so much overtime over the course of the past few months so when he found out he wasn't going to be working the Saturday before Memorial Day he was very happy.  About a year ago he made up some plans for a project he would like to do for his parents.  They thought it was a great idea & have been patiently waiting for him to get a few days together so that he could get it done.  This three day holiday weekend looked like the perfect time for him to get going on it.  I was a little sad that we weren't really going to be holiday-ing together but I did manage to help him out some & also make about 53 stops to Lowe's for him before I headed to the Farm (ok, slight exaggeration).    It was worth it because the project is very close to being finished & when it's done, I'll post lots of pics & tell you all about it!

So I left Mike slaving away in the hot summer sun & headed over to the Farm with my potluck contributions (I tried two new recipes that I'll share with you soon!).  G-pa had fired up the grill for hamburgers & we all feasted royally.  We also took the time to celebrate Uncle Allan's & G-ma's birthdays.  I'm sad because I didn't take any pics of that...just trust me, they liked their gifts & the cakes were ah-mazing!

After we ate & birthday partied we took a long walk.  I could walk on dusty country roads forever.  I like walking on gravel & picking wildflowers along the roadside.  I love long uninterrupted conversations with Beth & Brennan & whoever else goes along.  I love piggy-backing a niece or nephew that gets too hot & tired & whiney to keep walking. 

And we had to stop at the neighbors fence row & give his horses some attention.  Whitney & Madison are big animal lovers.  Maddie loves all animals but Whitney is a horse girl.  I didn't think she would ever come away from that fence row & the two horses that were eating grass from her hand.  She was loving it!

While we were horse visiting, I tried to get some pics of the kids.  It wasn't too awful hard to get Caleb, Maddie, & Whitney to sit for a shot.  Aidan was another story entirely.  That guy has to be on the move!

Whitney & Maddie with Lexus puppy

And Aidan - on the move!
It was a great fun day full of gnats, heat, hot sun & allergy induced sneezing. 
But it was also a day full of celebration, fellowship, laughter, hugs, & good food. 

An excellent kick off to the picnic holidays of 2011!

How did you celebrate?  Did anyone make one of those jello flag desserts? 
I've always wanted to do that!

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