Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Wanter Is Out Of Whack

When I was a kid we had a dog.  She was a sweetie & her name was Queenie.  She was probably a miniature Collie-Husky mix.  At least that's what she looked like.  And she was a great dog.  Except for this phase she went through where she would get out of her collar (or even harness) & dig out under the fence of our back yard.  Once she was out she wouldn't go too far but she would do some yucky stuff like get dirty diapers out of the neighbor's trash cans.  *shudder*  Yeah, other than that she was a great dog!  And I think she lived a fairly happy life in our backyard under the maple tree in her little white house.

Several years after Queenie went to the pet cemetary at the farm, my brother went to the local pound.  He found a little puppy named Abbigail that was probably a Husky-Chow mix.  She was a pretty little thing despite a case of mange that tattered her cinnamon colored coat.  After a couple days spent twisting my dad's arm Abby came to live with us.  She was our first indoor dog & she was so smart.  She was house trained in one day.  Though she struggled with the mange & some other sickness at first she quickly got healthy & gave us all a run for our money.  She could chase her tail & play for hours.  We had so much fun with her.  Then she grew up & got a little moody.  She didn't like it when we rearranged furniture.  She would pout when I went off to school & then pout some more when I came home.  She didn't like any of my friends & she even got in a couple of nips over the years.  She was a beautiful dog but she was a little hard to handle when she got old & crochety. 

And now I haven't had a dog for years.  When I bought my house I got dog fever BAD.  And it hasn't really gone away.  At first I really wanted a dog because I was a little intimidated of living alone.  I only lived there alone for about nine months before we got married but those nights were sometimes long & scary.  I definitely would have gone to the pound & got myself a puppy if I hadn't been working 14 hour days several times a week.  And to complicate matters, my yard didn't & still doesn't have a fence.  And I still don't have a dog.

But my sister's family does.  She's a pound puppy.  And we all love her to pieces.  Her name is Coco & Brennan has taught her to chase deer so she is a garden guard dog!  Any time I get a real jones-n' for a puppy of my own I go down to Beth & Brennan's house & have a romp with Coco. 

Coco says hi to all of you PharmGirl readers!

Coco goes along for all of our adventures - hiking in the woods, bike rides,
walks & runs along the country roads where they live outside of town.
Coco even came to the farm with us to celebrate Memorial Day.
Maddie & Coco are great friends.  They get their cuddle on whenever possible.
Coco even gets rides in the red wagon.
And she even looks good in black & white!
I think I might have to go down to the country tonight & get my Coco fix! 

Are you wanting a pet these days?  Or do you already have one?  Or do you have one that you wished you didn't anymore? heehee...

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