Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Annual Yard Sale

I consider myself super blessed because I have some friends who are yard sale junkies.  Every year they get together & have a big yard sale Saturday.  This is the second year I've been able to get in on the action.  I have always loved putting on a good yard sale but it is utterly exhausting doing it yourself.  Plus our house has a very stinky location.  Autumn's house is The Spot, if you know what I mean.

Saturday morning we were supposed to be at Autumn's house by about 6:15 to get things set up.  When I got up at about 5:30 *yawn* there was some thunder storm action going on.  We had a quick phone conference & decided to try to be set up by 8 instead of 7.  I finished getting myself together & then headed out to pick up a tanker cup of coffee & the requisite donut breakfast for me & Mike.  I had a tractor tire.  They are the grand poobah of all donuts.  Mike had a couple of Bavarian filled donuts.  I did not try to talk him into giving me a bite of one of those.  *shudder*  Whoever thought pudding should go in a donut?

Thankfully the Lord answered our prayers & cleared the rain up.  The sky was cloudy & ominous & more than once we felt a sprinkle or two but mostly this was the scene in Autumn's driveway all.morning.long.  Yee to the haw, people! 

See those Dodge Ram wheels in the front right corner? 
They are still available!  Let us hook you up!
 I have never been part of a yard sale that was quite so busy for so very long.  Usually the sales wind down around noon.  We still had a few folks dropping by at 3 p.m.  We had one big rain scare that had us hauling the totes out.  We scooped all the rain affective stuff back into the totes quick as can be.  Then the bad clouds blew over & we had it all back out.  It took about 10 minutes all told.  We are like a well-oiled yard sale-ing machine!

Will made a killing selling water.  I think he earned about $2 off of me alone!

Abby & Jess took a moment to model some puppy Halloween outfits. 

Autumn, Abby, April, & PharmGirl
Yeah, my yard sale-ing friends are sisters (can't ya tell?).  We had such a good time all together on Saturday & we made a decent haul.  I made more at this sale than I think I ever have before.  We were kinda thinking that maybe we needed to schedule a fall sale.  I gotta tell you, I'm in...I still have some stuff to unload & I have tons of masking tape left so I can make many a price tag!

Have you had a yard sale this summer?  Was it a doozey?


TwoMuths said...

so glad to hear it went well!! I'm scheduled for a sale on the 30th-1st and this is the first year I'm pricing every.little.thing (usually I just throw the clothes out there with a sign that says 50cents pants, 25cents shirts, etc, and mark the ones I think are worth more) so this time around it HAS been exhausting. I do have a couple friends coming to help, and someone to come play with the kids so that should help. :-) Early spring sales and fall sales have always netted me the most cash - I think because the ebayers are desperate to replenish and then a last minute desperate attempt to restock before the drudgery of winter. But there's no way I'm chancing a second garage sale home birth story. LOL. So now is the time!

The Two of Us said...

Awesome. I'm having a garage sale this weekend at my sister's house. She totally has the best spot. Last garage sale in December (we live in Florida, so we can do that), we sold over $1100 worth in two days. I recently had one of my friends end up over $2100 in two days. Wowza. Hoping for another big sale this weekend.

Mary Ann said...

Jenny, I don't blame you for not risking another garage sale home birth! That was a crazy day for you, for sure. I'm glad you have some help getting ready. Let us know how it goes!
Sandra, you have wowed me with your sales totals - my jaw literally dropped open! I really hope you have that great success this weekend!

Zoe said...

In Australia we call yard sales, garage sales! I love them so much, you never know what treasures you might dig up. Looks like you had a great day!

Mary Ann said...

Zoe, it was a great day! Sharing all the work with friends made it so much more fun. And we call them garage sales here in the States sometimes, too. Technically our sale was a driveway sale :-)