Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving Day

The changes just keep a'coming at my workplace.  Starting next week we will have some major changes, going from two pharmacists to one & all that is involved with that.
It's going to be a little weird, but I think it's going to be ok.

With all of this crazy change taking place, I got to do a little crazy thinking. 

In my 'office' (which is really just a common room with the break table behind me & everyone coming & going all the time - which is how I like it) has a computer desk in it.  I have never really loved it because I don't have any drawers & its design just lended itself to messiness. 

The pharmacists used to share an office adjacent to mine.  In it they each had a large desk with four drawers.  When my boss announced all of the changes that were going to take place I realized that one of the desks in their office would no longer be needed.  Hmmm...I want me some desk drawers!

So I asked my boss about it.  Let me tell you just one thing about my boss: he's nice.  If he can make something happen for you, he will.  Today I got my desk drawers.

The Old Desk moved away from the wall & ready to be cast aside.
See all those piles of papers & clutter?

This is Ed.  He is our main fix it man.  He was right there with a plan &
ready to help when we started talking about swapping desks.

My New to Me Desk with Four Drawers.

I'm really grateful we were able to do this little switcheroo.  It forced me (& my boss) to go through some things that needed to be dealt with.  And I'm really liking my new setup so far. 
Now it's time to go get some candy bars or something that's worth hiding in the drawers!


Heidi said...

The new desk looks like it will be much nicer for you. Enjoy!

Mrs.T said...

How nice! Enjoy filling those desk drawers!

Beth said...

yes- you TOTALLY need some candy bars for those drawers! I was a receptionist for one year before we had children and LOVED my desk. I miss it some days, honestly. My favorite thing to play growing up was "office" with an old typewriter and phone and calculator and all the pens and paperclips and staplers and rolls of tape! wow... reminiscing here :)