Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not again!

This morning I did that thing that I know I shouldn't ever do - I fell back to sleep after Mike left for work.  And the thing that always happens did not fail to happen. 
I had a weird, crazy, awful dream.
You could call it a nightmare.

Aunt Ruth, that means you *grin*

While I should have been slumbering peacefully, I was actively dreaming.  About spiders.  I dreamt that Mike & I were in our bedroom talking, sitting on the end of our bed.  Instead of the red painted walls that our bedroom has in real life, our walls were wood paneling.  I looked up at the head of the bed, to the wall behind the headboard to see a group of no less than 30 spiders crawling around & spinning webs & jumping all over the place.  I freaked out.  Mike was calm & said why don't we just wait & see what they are going to do?  So that's what we did.  We sat on the far end of the bed & watched them. They stayed in the same general area but as we watched we could literally see them getting bigger.  That's when I came undone in my dream.  I got up from the bed & hollered & they all started moving toward us & that's when I woke up.  And yeah, I was afraid to open my eyes or move any part of my body.  It was horrible.
In order to fully share with you the experience of my horror, I spent all of my lunch hour scouring the internet for a picture of the spider that occupied my dream.  I knew eventually I would find it because I've seen this kind of spider just about everywhere.  So I searched online & definitely lost my appetite looking at pictures of spiders.  Finally I found out that it is called the Black & White Hunting Spider.  I was relieved to discover that he is totally harmless as far as poisonous biting.  However, I was horrified to discover that he is a jumper.  *shiver*cringe*shiver*

Here he is!  Have you ever seen a spider like this before?

Everyone have sweet dreams tonight!

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malia said...

OMG that thing is as big as my kitty cat! Frightening!