Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Next Gettin' Together

I wasn't home for a full 24 hours after our camp reunion before I hit the road again.
I came home from camp on Wednesday afternoon just in time to get my hair done.
Folks, it was needing it.  I hope you didn't look close enough at that group pic on the last post to see that my part was more gray/white than it was dark brown!
When I got home from the hair fussing, I was feeling quite a bit fussy myself.  I had been going on several short nights of sleep & the old fever/sore throat/achiness had set in.  Along with the paranoia.
It was too late to see my real doctor so I took myself to an after hours clinic & let them gag me.  I had to know for sure if I was incubating a nasty Strep infection.  I was supposed to leave Thursday morning for Iowa for Erin's wedding.  Since I was a Strep Bride & I know how awful it is, I had no intention of carrying the same dread disease to my beautiful friend on her wedding day.
The test was negative.  Thank God!
So I took myself home & got to bed early.  After a good night's rest I wasn't completely good as new but the fever was gone.  I packed things up quick & hit the road!
 I met up with Roxanna & Becky about an hour up the road & we headed west together.  It is so nice to have traveling companions.  We had my little Corolla stuffed up with stuff like we were headed back to Northland for a semester of school!
We had a good full day with Erin & her family getting things ready for the wedding.  And of course we all had to get pedicures. 

The reverse French Manicure was very popular amongst us girls. 
Only Erin & her momma went with a regular paint job.
Roxanna makes the loveliest gift tags.  That girl has some talent!

Jaime, Autumn, & Roxi
The wedding day dawned bright, sunny, & WINDY!  I won't tell you what happened to me in my flowy summery dress THREE times!  Let's just say that even though 'The Barn' where the wedding took place had some beautiful grounds & flower gardens, I did not go exploring. 
The wedding day was a fun, busy, flurry of a day.  We got to see Scott & Jaime, Erin's brother & sister-in-law.  The last time I saw them was on their wedding day, years ago.  Since then they have added a daughter & son to their family.
Roxi, Becky, Bekah, Erin, & PharmGirl

Had to get a smooshed in shot!

They had super great cake.  The layered one had raspberry filling & the Texas cake was German chocolate.  No one went home without satisfying their cake craving!
A quick shot before the aisle walk!
Mr. & Mrs. Cates!
It was a beautiful, fun wedding.  I'm so very grateful that we all got to be there together. 
Time always goes by too quickly & it seemed like we hugged hello, turned around, & then hugged goodbye.  Once again, I have to praise the Lord for the friendships that He has blessed me with.  Even though there will be two of us in Indiana, one in Ohio, one in Texas, & one in Japan, I know the Lord will keep our hearts knit closely. 
Now I'm going to stay home for awhile!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. That was one crazy weekend! :) Becky

Erin said...

I'm soooo glad you all made it for our wedding. I loved having you all there.

the johnson crew said...

wow, erin looks so beautiful! fun to see pics of roxanna too. (She was my roommie freshman year.) bekah looks so good too. - what a fun reunion. great pics.