Friday, June 17, 2011

Tickling the Ivories

Recently Caleb & Madison had a piano recital.  It was an excellent chance for them to display the skills they are developing.  When we walked in I was surprised & happy to see that not only were Caleb & Maddie going to play for us but there were also 8 other students, one of whom was their grandma (their dad's mom).  She is an inspiration - always learning something new.

Each student had one solo piece & then they all played in a duet.  All of the students except Caleb & Maddie played their duet with the teacher.  Caleb & Maddie got to play together.

Doesn't Caleb look thrilled?
Maddie was nervous all day but she did a great job!

Their duet
As I was sitting in the pretty little country church listening to the piano players flow & stumble through their pieces, I did a little looking around.  I was filled with gratitude when I realized how many of our family came to support Caleb & Maddie.  That's one thing you can say about our family - we show up for each other every time we possibly can.  And that's part of what makes my family so very, very wonderful.

Of course Dad & Mom were there.

And the G's (Great Pa & Great Ma)

My Momma aka Grandma In Town

And even Aunt Ruth & Uncle Allan
It was a good time of entertainment & a great time of fellowship as a family.  And no, Caleb & I aren't confessing how many cookies we ate at the reception that followed *grin*


Anonymous said...

Aww was this while I was on vacation. I would have loved to come. My girls are loving lessons too!

Mary Ann said...

Mo, it would have been fun to have you there! I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation, though. Vacations are absolutely necessary :-)