Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Race Results

I really wanted to wait to post about the race until I could get Mike's camera & download some pics to go along with the full story. So, just to whet your appetite for more details, I will give you just a brief synopsis of my 4th One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon.

I got off to a great start. The Lord held back the rain, we had cool, sunny temperatures & I made wise choices regarding my clothing options. Aside from not sleeping too well the night before, I was ready to go!

Here are my finishing stats:
Time - 2:20:15
Gun Time - 2:26:12
Pace - 10:43
5 mile - 50:19
10 mile - 1:45:51
Gender Place - 6108 out of 15849
Division Place (females ages 30-34) - 1130 out of 2529
Overall Place - 15683 out of 30147

The average time for all finishers was 2:28:12. Overall, regarding my training difficulties & another difficulty during the race (you'll have to come back for that story!), I was very pleased with my finish time. Here's last year's results for a little comparison:

Finishing Time - 2:15:25
Gun Time - 2:39:29
Pace - 10:21
5 mile - 51:40
10 mile - 1:43:34
Gender Place - 4761 out of 15736
Division Place (female ages 30-34)- 867 out of 2450
Overall Place - 13411 out of 30063

By comparing the gun times you can see that being in a forward corral like G rather than Q or R (whatever it was last year) makes a big difference. It took about 5 minutes for me to get to the start line this year as compared to about 24 minutes last year.

More details & pics are soon to come!

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