Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wonderful Mother's Day

I think this year Mother's Day was one of the best I can remember. Our church had a Mother-Daughter Choir sing "My Mother's Gentle Love." I remember that song from ages ago when I was totally into all things Patch the Pirate. As I stood there with my Mom, Grandma, Aunt Ruth, Beth, & Madi (& a whole bunch of other ladies), it occurred to me that we had four generations of our family there together. How sweet! The Lord has really blessed & kept my family; I'm so grateful for how He has worked in us all. Not usually one to get emotional, I was actually tearful as the lyrics ran through my mind. My Momma does see the best in me, she does wipe my tears away, she has taught me of God's tender care, she reminds me to keep my focus on the eternal. She's such a good Momma! Even though I don't usually get all teary like that, once I start it can be an all day thing. The message yesterday morning wasn't about Mother's Day; it was a continuation of a wonderful study we've been doing in the book of Mark. We are at the part just before Jesus is arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. I was impressed once again with the weight of realizing how Jesus suffered with my sin. His pain wasn't really from the physical torture of the cross; His pain was from the burden of my sin. Yep, I got tearful. Thanks to God for His gift of salvation!
After church I went to Mom & Dad's to join them, Beth, Brennan, Caleb & Madi for lunch. We tried to set things up so Mom wouldn't have to do too much cooking. Dad grilled & I made some cheesy potatoes. Along with some other quick veggie sides, we enjoyed a fabulous meal followed by too many dessert options (as always, it's impossible to leave M&D's hungry!). Then I got to give Mom her gift from me & Mike. Quite a while ago I mentioned in a post that Mike & I wanted to give our moms a Kitchen Aid Mixer as their BIG GIFT for the year (counting for Mother's Day, Birthday, & Christmas). So we gifted our Mommas with their mixers this weekend! It was so fun! Mike's mom wasn't too surprised b/c we had to consult with her about what color she would want. She can't wait to make mashed potatoes ;-) My mom was kind of surprised. When Dad hauled the box in the house she looked at me & said, "oh no, you didn't!" so she had already guessed what it was. She is IMPOSSIBLE to surprise! My dad's first comment was, "That thing will stand up to a batch of Divinity!" so we all know what they will be making as part of their Christmas Candy layout this year!

What a great day it was, reflecting on how the Lord has blessed us with the Mommas we have. I wouldn't trade mine for her weight in gold. Another thing that got me all choked up yesterday was the thought that of all the moms I know, I know that they are all trying their best with their kids. They all love being moms; they all take their job very seriously. None of them will do everything right, but the beautiful thing is that God's grace can cover those shortcomings. Whatever we are to do, we are to do our best & the Lord covers the gaps. It's such an encouragement to know that whether the responsibility is - parenting, being a wife, being a good employee, being faithful in ministry, whatever - we are not alone in any of it. The Lord is there with us & we can't do a thing without Him. And He is faithful to be our strength, to give wisdom, & to enable us for the task. What a great God!

How did you all spend Mother's Day? Did you enjoy any special treats or have any special thoughts?

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