Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update On My No Spending Week

Well, I've been trying super hard not to spend any money this week. I'm sure some of you more frugal people are thinking how hard can it be to go for five days without buying anything? I didn't think it would be that hard either, but I was wrong. When Madi had her kindergarten graduation I had the impulse to buy her a few little cut flowers. I resisted. I joined inboxdollars recently & they had a paid email deal from vistaprint for return address labels. I need those for all the thank you notes I'm going to have to write & rehearsal dinner invitations I'm going to have to mail. So I ordered them. They were free except for shipping (which was less than $4). And if it doesn't post to my credit card by the end of the week, I'm not going to count the purchase for this week...heehee, I'm a cheater! I also had to buy a couple of other things for the wedding. I've decided that's rule #2 - anything that needs to be purchased for the wedding can still be bought without breaking the challenge. My real goal with this exercise is to cut out the miscellaneous things that I pick up along the way - a coffee, soda, or extra items at the grocery store/drug store that really could wait until a better time to buy. Basically, no unplanned purchases b/c in my world unplanned = unbudgeted. And there is some flux in my budget, but it needs to be reigned in a bit if you know what I mean.

So that's the update. Not totally crashing & burning and not totally acing it either. Somewhere in the middle is good for now. I'm sure I'll try this again at some point ;-)


Alicia said...

Great job on the no-spend challenge! I should do that some time too. I bet it's way harder to do than it sounds. We tend to drop money at our local drugstore since it's just two blocks from our home and we can run over there easily to pick up a few "needed" items. Those quick trips add up though!

Thanks for your empathetic comments on my blog -- Hope today is a better one for you! We had a much better day today, thankfully. And no more blackberry smoothies for us! Only frozen banana and pb for awhile. :) Oh, and to answer your question, no I don't have a place to pick blackberries (I wish!). They were on sale at our grocery 2/$4 so I picked some up. Chloe and I love them whole and the health benefits are phenomenal!

Karis said...

Frustration! I typed you out a comment because I thought our internet connection was back up to speed to where it would save a comment -- wrong -- I lost the comment.

So I'll just leave it at great job on your money watching week! I'm not sure if this one will post or not either. :-)

Steve n Vickie said...

You're a brave soul :D Hope it goes well for you. I couldn't do it. I buy groceries every week, and we'ld be eating rice and peanut butter(figuratively), so I'ld have an unhappy husband and children. I'm sure you'll do fine though anyone who has the determination to run all those races, can deffinately do this :D

Theo-Ann said...

I've been thinking about doing this, too. I know I can go days without spending, but I'd love to journal it and get hubby into it, too. We do the cash system for food, household, gas, etc., so when the money is gone, that's it until the next paycheck. It helps that I don't work full-time, so I'm not tempted to pick up that "little something" on my way home from work. Keep up the good work!

And--thanks for your prayers regarding what I said in yesterday's post. God is so good and I know He has a reason for this waiting time.:)

Jen said...

Great job! I wouldn't last very long but it is the Target/grocery stops that end up adding up very easily for me.