Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still Got It!

This is a leaded glass syringe shield. It's not exactly like the ones we use here at my workplace, but it is similar. Normally I use one of these on a daily basis to draw up doses for our customers. It takes quite a bit of practice (for uncoordinated folks like me, partly b/c they are heavy little boogers) to figure out how to hold the shield with the syringe in it & be able to balance it & pull down on the plunger to draw up the med. We have a small staff here at our location, so I am kind of a Jill-of-all-trades. Last month we had one driver out on medical leave at the same time that another driver was out on a short-term deployment with the National Guard. As a result, I had to be a driver almost every morning. I totally missed my normal duties which includes drawing doses. I kind of like the variety in responsibilities (but not having to go in early!). This week we went back to normal staffing, so come Monday morning I was back in the hood drawing doses. I tend to get a little apprehensive when I start handling the radioactive material again. I just don't want to be careless with it & create a big mess - decontamination is no fun! Anyway, so far, so good - I'm pleased to report I've still got my skills!

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