Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday after work I had one of those, WOW! We Got A Lot Done evenings. It was great. I went straight from work to Walgreens, Kroger, & CVS. I didn't have hardly any food in my house (at least nothing fresh) & I wanted to shop the deals. I got all that done, got it all unloaded just as Mike got there. We talked a bit about what we wanted to get done & then we headed to Lowe's. My parents gave us a window air conditioner that they used for just a couple of summers. Then they got central air & they had just stored this window unit in their garage for TEN YEARS. The absolute wonderful thing about it is that it still works well enough to give me goose bumps in like five minutes. What a blessing! Mike got it installed in the bedroom window & we got all the stuff we needed to seal it well at Lowe's. We were also able to get a new ceiling fan for the bedroom (on sale - yay!). After that we headed to Mike's apartment to pack some stuff up & bring it to the house. Our goal is to get him moved out by this weekend. He will then be in limbo (i.e. sleeping on his parent's couch) until the wedding.
After we got back to the house I was able to get three loads of laundry done, make salads for the next couple of days (to take for my lunch at work), water the plants, do a general tidy of the house, get the air conditioner totally secured & sealed (good thing too, 'cause it's raining like crazy here today), pack the boxes we brought home, & then we realized it was 10:30 & Mike hit the road.
I talked to my mom after he left & told her all about what we had accomplished. In the next breath I mentioned several other things we would like to get done (mow the grass, install the ceiling fan, get all the tools put away/organized, line the kitchen drawers, organize a humongous yard sale & so on). I just have to wonder...DOES IT EVER GET BETTER? Will I ALWAYS have a to do list as long as the refrigerator it's posted on? So I asked my Mom.

Her reply - "It will probably ease up after the wedding."


Thanks, Momma. At least she doesn't build up any false assurances, amen? Amen!

By the way, in case you were wondering...

The wedding is exactly 66 days away!


Adele said...

Well, the best answer I can give to that question is, "It will be a different kind of busy!" I think planning a wedding, renovating a house, and working two jobs definitely puts you in a more-than-ordinary busy time. At least one of those things will be done in July and maybe one of the others will too?

Alicia said...

Wow! Wish your productivity would rub off on me! Sounds like you were riding an adrenaline wave. Hope you can have a relaxing do-nothing evening soon!

Mary Ann said...

Alicia, that prospect does sound super wonderful, but the prognosis is not looking good ;-) We'll get some time to relax hopefully after the wedding. Until then,I'll be hitting the floor running!