Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm a silly girl because I regularly check the nuptials in the Sunday paper. I'm getting so old that I usually don't know anyone that is listed in there (truthfully I see a lot of younger siblings of kids I knew in school - yikes!). Anyway, getting our engagement picture taken is one thing that has been on the list since I got the ring. I wanna have an announcement in the paper! So I called a new photography place in town this morning in order to make us an appointment for tomorrow evening. The place, which shall remain nameless, usually has a special for a minimal amount of pics in one pose for $9.95. Perfect! I don't want pages and pages of pics in a million poses. Just a couple of pics. That will do just fine, thank you. So I called. Told her I needed an appointment for engagement pics. Gave my name & selected a time. Then she asks me if we intend to use the picture in the Sunday paper for an announcement. I said of course - isn't that what engagement pics are for? She then kindly informed me that their pics are copyrighted & to get permission to print a pic in the paper we would have to purchase a much larger package that had tons of stuff we didn't want that costs $69.95. I kindly told her to cancel our appointment so that I could check other options. I was totally surprised although I probably shouldn't have been. Just seems incredibly greedy to me.

So I made another call. Asked the Lord to give us another option. This well known picture taking establishment has no such requirement to publish a picture in the Sunday paper. The girl almost laughed when I asked her about it - like she thought such a thing was ridiculous. Thankfully I am reasonably expecting our engagement photos to cost around $15. Yay! Now I just gotta pray for dry weather so that I can straighten my hair & get it to be not frizzy. Pray with me people, it's a big request ;-)

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Adele said...

How did it go? Did you get a good pic? Did your hair cooperate? :)