Wednesday, April 13, 2011

His & Her Power Tools

Saturday morning dawned cloudy & rumbly with a nice thunderstorm in the works.  Mike wasn't feeling well (doggone asthma & allergies!) so while he rested I decided to get busy on my To Do list, very carefully skipping over the "Run 5 Miles" section.  Ahem.
I went straight to the kitchen & got some coffee going.  I needed to finish some applesauce that I had started the night before in the crock pot & I also needed to whip up some Dirt Pudding to take to dinner at a friend's home that evening.  I got to work.
As I wrapped up my projects I realized that I had used just about every electronic kitchen gadget that I own.  I joked with my sister in a text that I was using all of my 'power tools'.  It made me giggle to think how my power tools compare to Mike's.  So here is a photo essay of His & Her's Power Tools!

The Essential Tool
Can't Live Without It

The Crock Pot
Life Saver

The Blender
Apple Sauce Smoother
Milk Shake Maker

The Food Processor
Crumbler of Oreos,
Shredder of Many Vegetables
The KitchenAid
The Mightiest Whipper
in the Land
Mitre Saw
I think...
Drill Press
Mike's Christmas Present 2010

Belt Sander
Maker of Much Dust

The Other Part of
Mike's Christmas Present 2010

Scroll Saw
Mike's Christmas Present 2009

I'm not sure if you noticed the trend, but I seem to have no other inspiration for Christmas gifts other than tools. So far Mike hasn't complained!

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