Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm not sure why, but this week I have been really tired.
I don't know why.  I'm sure it's because I just can be.  Don't be like me.
This week has also involved lots of driving for work.
If you haven't seen the weather lately, you might not know that we have had torrential downpours of rain.  No major storms (thank you, Lord!) but lots of rain. 
Rain makes driving look like this:
Gray & boring.  In this situation I quickly go from being a bright-eyed, energetic employee to one who looks like this:
And then I rapidly descend from just looking bored to looking like I'm going to crash into a deep sleep.
Don't I look tired?  Don't you feel sorry for me?
Don't feel sorry for me!  I travel prepared!
I pulled out my handy-dandy package of Orbit Strawberry flavored gum.  Mike doesn't like the way fruity gum smells so work hours are the prime time to give it a chew.  I have a really bad habit with this stuff.  I tend to piggy back it.  One piece goes in my mouth.  A few minutes later in goes another piece.  A few minutes get the picture.  The end result: a huge wad of gum.  What is a huge wad of gum useful for?  NO, not for smashing into someone else's hair!  Yep, that happened to me once.  Mean old Chad & Nick at the 8th grade Fun Club at school.  I will never forget how the teacher on duty said, "Don't worry about it now.  Wait until you get home.  You're tall; no one will even see it up there on top of your head."
True Story.  I'm scarred for life.
Anyway...we don't need to ride that blast from the past any further.
Back to what is a huge wad of gum good for?
 Blowing bubbles!
 And blowing bubbles is good for keeping me awake while driving!
 And staying awake while driving is good for keeping me from wrecking into a ditch full of rainwater!
 See what huge bubbles a huge wad of gum can make?
And then it popped. 


At least it didn't stick to my nose.

Get out there & blow some bubbles today!

You'll be glad you did.

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