Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started early for us - just like it does for a lot of church-going folk.  Our sunrise service started at 7:30, then we had a breakfast, short choir practice, Sunday School, & then the Morning Service.  What a blessing it was to be in the Lord's House concentrating on the real meaning behind Easter - the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior.  I hope your Easter Sunday morning was a lot like ours - full of worship & gratitude. 
After church, we started the rounds of family getting togethers.  Lunch was spent with Mike's family where we enjoyed way too much good food & I took a nap on the couch.  It was bliss.

After that, we headed out towards the country to the G's.  I was really hoping that the weather would hold because we usually get to play outside all together - passing the football, hiding eggs, playing's a great time to play like a kid.  Alas, it poured down rain the whole time.  I stood by the window & actually said out loud, "I wish it would quit raining; I wanna go outside!"  I felt like a kid again *grin*

It was no less than 75 degrees in their house.  Even my cold-blooded self was ready to melt down - I finally gave in and rolled my jeans up capri length! 
And you know what all that warmth does to a room full of tired people. 
We all got sleepy.
This does NOT look like a wild party, does it?  Never fear, G-ma was cooking up some ideas for entertainment.  She is definitely the hostess with the mostess.
I love this lady.
While we were all sitting there in the living room in a big disjointed circle, she made us sing.  That's what G-ma has always done.  Even with her blindness & being half-deaf she still enjoys music, trying to learn new songs & singing with anyone who will join her.  She made us all stand up.  Then she made us all come up with our own verse of "If You're Happy & You Know It."  Extreme hilarity ensued.  I only wish I had a video.  I did go grab a notebook so that I could record everyone's verse.  It is just too funny to be forgotten.

G-ma:  If you're saved & you know it, say "Amen!"  Amen!
Brennan: If you're tired & you know it, go to sleep!  Snore!
Madison: If you're hungry & you know it, eat some pie!  Chomp!  Chomp!
PharmGirl: If you're fat & you know it, go jogging!  Run!  Run!
Mike: If you got some gas & you know it, give a burp!  Burp! Burp!
Beth: If you're dirty & you know it, take a shower!  Scrub!  Scrub!
G-pa: If you're hungry & you know it, eat a sloppy joe!  Yum!  Yum!
Uncle Alan: If you're hungry & you know it, eat a snickerdoodle!  Just one!
Dad: If you have a sore foot, learn to limp!  Crip!  Crip!
Mom: If you have a sore hip, take a seat!  Plop!  Plop!
Caleb: If you're fat & you know it, don't buy donuts!  Just say no!
Aunt Ruth: If you're achy & you know it, take a pill!  Gulp!  Gulp!

No one on earth will think this is as funny as it was in the moment.  I love my family.  They are ALWAYS good for a laugh.  I'm sure you can tell (if you actually read through it) that each one of us had something particular in mind.  My mom has had some real health problems lately relating to her hip.  Caleb has grown up with his grandpa buying donuts for everyone.  Sloppy joes & snickerdoodles were part of our fabulous meal that night & my Aunt Ruth really isn't a druggie.  She just has some chronic pain problems from a serious car accident.  We were all cracking up when we finished.  It was just too funny.

Then because things just had to settle down a bit or somebody was going to call the cops for all of our laughing noise, we pulled out some board games. 

Don't you just love Jenga?  It's almost as fun to watch as to play.

Caleb was a fearless & bold player.

Maddie agonized over every move.  And I don't know why there was cash on the table in front of her.  If they were playing for money I should have gotten in on that action!

Down she goes!

It was such a great day - from start to finish! 
I hope you enjoyed a similar fun, meaningful day surrounded by loved ones!

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