Saturday, April 16, 2011

Springtime Saturday

Those white blossoms are slowly & steadily
being replaced by new spring green leaves!
I've been reminding myself that April showers bring May flowers.

I'm personally of the opinion that you can't have too many flowers.

So I guess I would have to say bring on the rain!

For the next 14 days.  And then it must be all bright sunshine!

I've gotta do thirteen miles this morning so I'm super hopeful that the rain (and especially any thunder & lightning) will stay away. 

Have I mentioned that I scream like a little girl when I'm outside & there happens to be some thunder & lightning?

Never read magazine articles about people getting struck by lightning.

And that's all the wisdom I have for you on this wonderful Spring Saturday...have a great day!


malia said...

aww-- sorry about the terrible weather. we've just had tons of rain here but nothing more interesting than that. ( -:

Mary Ann said...

Saturday managed to be a great day for running - a little damp & cool but that is way better than hot & humid! And the thunder boomies stayed away so it was all good. I hope you get some sunshiney days soon, Malia!